How To Spend Less Time In The Gym But Increase Your Gains

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Background Information

NOTEFor the following information, I’m going to assume your training methods and nutrition are on point. For more info regarding those areas, see articles at the end!

It’s no secret anymore that all bodybuilders chase the pump. 

For any beginners, the pump is a feeling you get in your muscles. Your muscles feel like stone and it means you’ve done enough work. 

But to get more technical, all a pump is really is just blood in your muscles. That’s the point of a warm-up and that’s why you should never skip it.

More blood in your muscles, more gains. That simple. 

But unfortunately for a lot of us, we lose that pump throughout the workout. 

And if it’s not because of a lack of intensity or nutrition, what could it be?

It’s pretty funny actually.

It’s because of your gym “buddies” and your cell phone. 

Yep, that’s it.

Every 5 minute conversation with your new buddy, every 3 minutes texting your girlfriend, every 2 minutes showing off in the mirror, is a step backwards. 

That blood in your muscles that you’ve worked so hard for in the previous sets and in your warm-up has now left your muscles.

No blood. No pump. No gains!



How You Can Spend Less Time In The Gym But Increase Your Gains

I could just say, “stop texting and talking” but your rest times would still be too long simply because well, you’ve been doing that your whole life.

So my plan is simple: find a gym partner. 

This won’t lead to the same problem with talking with random people. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more conversations between random gym goers than there are between gym partners.

You know how it goes. Asking if they’re using a machine somehow turns into their thoughts on Venom. Go figure.

Finding a consistent, hard-working gym partner whose just as set on their goals as you are, will prove very beneficial for your goals.

I also recommend a gym partner for one other very important reason. 

With a gym partner, you don’t have to time your rest periods. As long as you go start your set immediately after they finish theirs, you’ll be golden.

Also, a gym partner not only lowers your rest time to around 40 seconds (ultimately making you spend less time in the gym) but also invites competition, which’ll make you work harder.

And such is life. Going through life alone is almost impossible. However, with friends and family it becomes so much easier and rewarding.

Find a gym partner. Spend less time in the gym. Gain more!



None of the information written above or supplied by links is suitable for follow without a doctor’s consent. 

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