Three Reasons Why Your Arms Aren’t Growing And How To Fix It

NoteThis is strictly from a training standpoint. I’m going to assume for the sake of this post that your nutrition and sleep are on point. 


Reason #1 – The Intensity Isn’t There

Your arms (forearms, biceps, triceps) are muscle groups that you use daily. From cooking, cleaning, eating, to showering, everything we do requires our arms. 

It’s not like our chest, which at most will be stimulated once our twice in the day.  Our arms and legs are used everyday and this is why most people struggle with growth.

As a result of us using our arms everyday, they’ve become very accustomed to hard work. And without a work load that’s much greater, they simply won’t grow.

I recommend spending two exercises warming up, to ensure the intensity is there. That’s one exercise for the biceps and one for triceps, at least 4 sets each. Nothing heavy, we just want blood flow, but make no mistake your arms should be on fire before the workout even begins.


Reason #2 – You’re Training Arms Once A Week

Or rather, let’s give you the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say you train biceps with back and triceps with chest, as you should. That’s twice a week. 

However, if arms are a weakness of yours, do not expect any improvement of any results if you’re not spending at least one gym day alone, just for arms. 

This is true for every muscle group come to think of it and the good news is, it works! There are 7 days in a week, with 2 training days, our arms are resting for 5 days.

And as a result, training them twice a week just won’t cut it. In order to trigger hypertrophy (muscle growth), you need to constantly bombard the muscle. 

This is done both by increasing the intensity and the frequency. 


Reason #3 – Your Workouts Aren’t Diverse

The last and probably most important reason, is diversity. I say this because while your intensity and frequency can be there, without a “shock to the muscle” growth will never occur.

Muscles are just like humans in that they love routine. If you’ve been doing the same arm workouts for the past year, your arms are quite literally sleeping. 

They’ve become so familiar with the exercises that they’ve adapted to it and learned how to become most efficient with it. Your arms have taught themselves how best to perform the exercise without working too hard (they’re that smart).

In such cases, you need to deliver a shock to the muscle. Now this doesn’t have to be done just by changing the exercises, you can change your program too.

You can decide to start arm day off with triceps instead of biceps. You can introduce drop sets, super sets, tri-sets or even giant sets. Anything to upset the established order 😉



The three most important words to remember with training are:

Intensity, Frequency and Diversity. 

Perfect these three and you will be a god among bodybuilders.









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