5 Healthy and Tasty Foods That’ll Keep You Full To Avoid Cravings

What’s the biggest problem that people face while dieting for weight loss?

They don’t eat filling foods and as a result, give into their cravings.

Remember, what you eat determines how you feel.

The more filling a food that you eat is, the less hungry you’ll be.

The less hungry you are, the smaller the possibility that you reach for Ben&Jerry’s.

Here are 5 Healthy and Tasty Foods That’ll Keep You Full To Avoid Cravings:




Eggs are incredibly healthy and nutrient dense.

Boil them, scramble them, drink them…whatever you want. Just eat them.

“Most of the nutrients are found in the yolks, including the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthine, which may benefit eye health“, explains Hrefna Palsdottir in her article, 15 Foods That Are Incredibly Filling. 

A great source of high quality protein and healthy fat, eggs are incredibly filling to help you make better choices later in the day.

In fact, one study showed that eating eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel for example, led to less calorie consumption for the next 36 hours!

Say goodbye to your cravings!




Ah, a personal favorite of mine.

Popcorn is known for it’s filling effect because of it’s high fiber content and of course, it’s taste! This one’s the king of study snacks.

Studies even show that it’s even more filling than the most common snacks such as potato chips and chocolate.

Keep in mind however, just like all snacks there are traps. Those traps include buttered popcorn or any popcorn with toppings.

The healthiest option will always be the popcorn you prepare yourself or air-popped. Also, feel free to add your own health toppings, like salt or cinnamon!

Here’s an amazing article for more health/tasty options to satisfy your sweet tooth.




I’m just like the next person in that, I love chocolate!

Research from the University of Copenhagen shows us that dark chocolate promotes satiety and prevents us from eating more sweets for up to five hours!

What’s even more amazing is that, “dark chocolate lowers your desire to consume any form of calories for longer than milk chocolate,” Krissy Kendall explains in her article, Weight Loss: Insider Secrets To Stay Fuller, Longer

So the next time you want a Kit Kat, reach for some dark chocolate instead and experience the satiating feeling afterwards. 




Fruits have a low energy density, meaning they’re low in calories for their weight typically due to a high amount of fiber or water. In this case both. 

Apples and oranges for example scored a massive 200 on the satiety index. 

Satiety Index – A scale that ranks foods based on how filling they are. Foods that scored more than 100 are considered more filling.

There’s a different between whole fruits and fruit juice however. It’s been proven that fruit juices aren’t particularly filling. 

Curb your cravings with a delicious apple or orange on the go!




Liquids are believed to be less filling than solid food, although the research surrounding these claims is a bit wonky.

Soups however, are different.

If they contain the same ingredients as the meal in solid form, studies have shown that soups can even be more filling.

Soups with vegetable ingredients especially because of the fiber content that, “slows down the emptying of the stomach and increase digestion time”, Hrefna explains.

Lastly, soups are a perfect options for anyone dieting because of calorie content.

One large plate of pasta with tomato sauce dwarfs a bowl of tomato or minestrone soup in the calorie department.



There are so many foods out there that can your journey easier.

Whether you’re dieting or trying to avoid cravings, eating a nutritious meal that’s also filling is the best of both worlds. 

Find the foods that you love and that work for you and stick to them.

Once you get into a rhythm and stay consistent, you’ll reach the finish line in no time!




None of the information written above or supplied by links is suitable for follow without a doctor’s consent. 


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