The Best Time Of Day To Workout

The best time of day to workout is 4:33 PM.

That would be amazing wouldn’t it? Imagine gyms at that time. 

Fortunately for us and gym employees, that’s not the case. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence that supports exercising at all types of weird times.

Mornings, afternoons and even late-afternoons alike.

So even if you’re an early bird or a night owl, there’s a time that’ll work for you and your future beach bod.

All you need to do is pick one and stick with it. 




Most people, including me, aren’t early birds.

For this reason, I don’t recommend morning workouts to beginners. However, if you’re more experienced or disciplined, mornings do come with benefits. 

For one, you avoid any complications later in the day. With exercising crossed off your list, the hardest part of your day is over and everything else seems less challenging.

Secondly, although there isn’t any reliable evidence that proves burning calories is more effective at different times during the day, there is more than enough evidence proving the success of working out in a fasted state (right after sleeping).

According to a study published by International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, “aerobic training in a fasted state lowers body weight and body fat percentage whereas the latter lowers just body weight.”

In addition, another study found that 45 minutes of moderate morning exercise (such as walking or light jogging) helped curb appetite directly after. 

NOTE – Make sure to properly warm up your body (more than you would in the afternoon) as your muscles are cold and stiff from sleeping.




If it’s been a while since you last lifted weights or if you’ve never set foot inside a gym, working out in the afternoon is your best bet.

Unlike mornings, you don’t have to plan down to the details or sacrifice some sleep the night before. However, afternoon workouts will come with the complications that morning avoided such as work, dinner plans etc. Plan accordingly.

As far as research goes, “body temperature typically increases throughout the day, so muscle strength and endurance may peak in the late afternoon, when body temperature is highest” as explained by Greatest (

Furthermore, hormone levels are also impacted by the time of day. “The body produces more testosterone during late afternoon resistance training than it does during morning workouts,” Greatest continues.

Bottom line is, if you’re relatively new to working out, start with afternoons.




Just as there’s a best time, there’s also a worst.

Whether you’re an morning person or not, everyone has a bedtime. The worst time to workout would be too close to your bedtime. 

Caleb Backe, certified personal trainer and health and wellness expert explains, “Rigorous exercise naturally wakes your body up by boosting your heart rate. This can take several hours to wind down from.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid exercise 2-3 hours before bed. 


With effective times of day to workout now laid out for your choosing, it’s important I mention how well your body is at adapting. 

If you consistently workout at 7AM, your body will adapt so that you can drag in the same results that you would in the afternoon.

Consistency is and will always be the key to your fitness goals.

It guarantees that every step you take is a step forward and not backward.

One step towards loving your body is another step towards loving your life. 




None of the information written above or supplied by links is suitable for follow without a doctor’s consent. 

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