3 Weight Gainer Tips For Skinny People

Having trouble putting on weight regardless of what you do?

Frustrated about how many hours you spend in the gym that are wasted?

There are millions just like you and there’s a reason for it. But even better, there are 3 things you can start doing today that’ll start tipping the scale.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell you to eat more.

So let’s jump right into it:




You’ve probably heard this one before but the reason why is very interesting.

An interesting article published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology in May of 2010 found that by eating quickly or when distracted, you decrease your ability to experience the food with all your senses and miss the normal cues that tell you you’re full.

In other words, although the obvious example (protein shake) is a liquid and proven to cause increased feelings of fullness, your body won’t know it if you consume them quickly or whilst distracted.

Another study published in Physiology and Behavior in September 2003 also found that these increased feelings of fullness didn’t reduce the patients desire to eat later.

So basically, you can squeeze in small and quick meals throughout the day and not worry about them affecting your bigger meals.

Here are some great snack examples:

  • Yogurt with nuts/berries
  • Protein bars/shakes
  • Bananas, fruit smoothies etc.




This one will likely be the most effective~

As a skinny person trying to get more calories in, the type of foods you eat matter. After all, the less filling it is, the more you’ll be able to eat. More is good!

According to an article published by Hrefna Palsdottir in July of 2016, filling foods tend to have the following characteristics: high in protein, high in fiber, high in volume and/or low in energy density (low in calories for its weight i.e. fruits).

Avoiding foods with these characteristics will naturally increase your caloric intake.

Here are some examples:

  • Eat white/brown rice instead of potatoes
  • Try different protein sources such as lentils or eggs instead of beef or fish
  • Eat bananas as opposed to apples/oranges

NOTE – Don’t make these substitutions permanent, sweet potatoes and apples/oranges are incredibly nutritious and healthy.




See, eating junk food has its consequences everywhere! 

Although I mentioned above to eat less filling foods and junk food is designed to be just that i.e. cookies, ice-cream, candy etc. It is affecting your caloric goal. 

Ignoring the obvious fact that those foods come with a one way ticket to the ER, they are a means of temporary weight gain and not lasting weight gain.

According to Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, an osteopathic physician that specializes in helping obese patients, “to put on healthy weight, one must gain muscle“. 

In order to do so, you must eat nutritious and balanced meals. Junk food does not fall into that category and will NOT bring you the lean muscle you desire.

By incorporating McDonald’s into your diet, you’re making the wrong type of substitution and missing out on key nutrients that your home cooked meals have.

Make a compromise and allow a cheat meal for yourself once a week.



Remember, there’s no reason to make this harder than it needs to be.

From work to school or family, living a healthy/athletic lifestyle is tough. Find out the mistakes you’re making and work smarter, not harder.

Incorporate these simple tips and reach your goals quicker.





None of the information written above or supplied by links is suitable for follow without a doctor’s consent. 

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