The Simplest Dieting Mistake We’ve All Made At One Point

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If I say: Paleo Diet. You’ll think: no dairy products, legumes or grains.

If I say: Keto Diet. You’ll think: no carbs.

If I say: Marco. You’ll think…

You’re once again making the simplest dieting mistake:




If you’ve tried a Keto Diet and focused solely on cutting your carbs down to less than 50 grams, then I applaud you…

…but chances are you didn’t lose the weight you were aiming for.

Why? Because diets aren’t as simple as we’d like. 

Keto isn’t only low-carb, it’s also high-fat, which means that while you’re limiting your carb intake you should ALSO be consuming lots of healthy fats.

Same goes for a Paleo Diet. 

Removing dairy products, legumes and grains is a good start…but to see the change you’re looking for, you must ALSO consume adequate amounts of lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Finally, some diets are more high maintenance than others.

An Atkins Diet for example has it’s own restrictions and freedom but it includes further restrictions overtime.

Every diet has tiny but important details that we mustn’t overlook. 

NOTE – For beginners, I’d recommend straight-forward diets to avoid failure.




Dieting is simply a restriction of certain foods in the effort to lose weight.

While they all have potential, it’s very easy to quit a diet or worse, do your best and not see the results you’re hoping for. 

That being said, you must be conscious of every detail.

If you’re restricting certain foods, you must also provide alternatives so that your body can adapt and continue to work at an optimal level.

If you’re restricting carbs (your body’s favorite fuel source), you must not only provide a replacement but an abundance as well. 

If not, where will your body get the energy to burn off those love handles?

Always remember that while the human body is an amazing machine and very adaptable, it’s not perfect on it’s own. 

It’s your job to make it so. 



There’s so many reasons why we all fail our diets from to time to time.

In order to succeed, it’s best to stick to the basics and avoid simple mistakes.

The more research we put into finding a diet that’ll work for us along with a closer attention to detail, the more successful we’ll be.

More success means more weight lost.

Take that love handles!



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