Building A Beach Bod – Can Anyone Do It?

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Before you start planning summer parties and renting beach houses, you first have to figure out the following:

“Is it even possible for me, a couch potato, to build an amazing body regardless of the fact that I’m so out of shape and have never been to the gym?

To answer that, we need to understand genetics:




Truth is, we’re all affected by genetics (good and bad).

Does that mean we should throw in the towel and give up? Heck no!

Genetics play a very small role but it’s important to know what those roles are so that we don’t set ourselves up for failure. 

For example, if you’ve deduced that you’re not especially gifted in the legs department, then you should factor that into your beach bod plan.

Or if you know your height is a problem, don’t idol someone whose tall.

Understanding our weaknesses allows us to set goals that aren’t too far out of our reach.

The more realistic the goal, the more likely we’ll succeed!




To find your weaknesses, you need to look for them.

While some are noticeable (height), others aren’t so obvious and cannot be found without changing your body type or bodybuilding.

After all, small calves aren’t noticeable on a skinny person. 

You’ll first have to put in some work towards building a balanced and proportional physique, aka beach bod. Once you start training your muscles equally, you’ll notice which respond well and which don’t.

The ones that don’t are your weakness and will require more attention. You’ll have to increase the intensity and train them more often. 

You’ll also have to incorporate prioritized training which is, “simply put – hitting your weak muscles first, and hitting them hard“, Matt Danielsson explains.

I train arms twice a week because they aren’t my strongest suit. 




While we all have our own goals, all beach bods are similar in theory.

Broad shoulders, small waist, abs etc. Everything’s proportional. 

Regardless of the diet or workout regiment you follow, a balance is most important.

Too much eating with too little cardio, will bring the opposite effect. Same goes with too much training and not enough eating. 

That’s where you come in. 

Document your progress, keep track of every detail, every improvement or setback and in no time, you’ll be walking on that beach turning heads.

Just make sure to share Boy Meets Bod to your friends when you do!



While they do have their role in the play, genetics aren’t the lead actors. We are.

While training finds us our weaknesses, ambition finds us our strengths.

Set a goal, stay consistent and find your success!





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