3 Effective Ways To Control Your Cravings

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Keyword: control. 

Our problem isn’t that we love junk food..we just can’t help it. 

We’re all aware of how bad it makes us feel and we’ve heard the health risks at least a million times…but it’s just so tasty and cheap and convenient

And while it’s perfectly fine to enjoy some pizza or ice-cream here and there, we must draw the line between a weekly treat and a daily treat. 

Here are 3 Ways To Control Your Cravings:



Repeat After Me

If your cravings are more in control than you are, you need a reality check. 

Before your next late night binge, I want you to repeat the following:

“What I’m about to eat is simply for taste and pleasure. It will not make me feel good afterwards and will only intoxicate my body. I’m about to trade 10 minutes of pleasure for an hour of stomach aches and a day of guilt.” 

Personally, I owe my ability to control my cravings mostly to this method.

Reminding yourself of what it is exactly that you’re doing along with the consequences, makes choosing whether or not to do it a lot easier.

For example, “eating this very tasty Ice-cream Snickers Bar will aggravate my acne and make me break out for the rest of the week”. 

The more honest you are with yourself, the more control you’ll have!



Snack Time!

One of the problems with cravings is that if we don’t get them, we either wait until we do (and starve ourselves in the process) or we reach for the next worst thing.

This can be quite problematic in terms of weight gain because we tend to overeat when we’re really hungry. More food, more weight. 

However, all of that can be avoided if we had snacks at our disposal. 

Healthy snacks, mind you. 

Snacks are my bread and butter and the glue that keep me in control. Take my desk for example, I have 3 bags of almonds, peanuts and walnuts next to me as I write. 

But more important than buying snacks is having them within reach. After all, the closer they are, the more likely we’ll eat them. 

Also, don’t be completely restrictive with your choices, they are snacks after all. Make healthy choices but go for taste as well:

  • Dark chocolate (Trader Joe’s has an amazing selection)
  • Dried fruit, nuts, berries, seeds.
  • Air-popped popcorn, cheese, yogurt.



Greater Sacrifice, Greater Victory

You have to admit that eating junk food too frequently does take the rush out of it.

I mean, would acing a test feel so good if you had one everyday? Would being promoted feel as rewarding if you were promoted everyday for no reason?

Of course not. 

Cravings work the same way. If you always give in to your cravings, what feeling of accomplishment will you get? Where’s the victory?

Everyone loves feeling victorious and I know you do too…so challenge yourself!

Put your foot down one of these days when the 2am cravings come by and enjoy a peaceful absence of stomach aches, break outs and worst of all, guilt.

Because when that next craving comes, it’ll be so worth it!




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