If You Only Ate One Meal A Day, Here’s What You Should Eat

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Finding it in yourself to change your life is tough, but depending on someone else to change it for you, is even harder.

The more I write, the more I realize that this is my relationship with my readers.

So, in light of this realization, today I’ll do something different.

Instead of forcing diets and meal plans onto you, I’m going to work with what I already know is true for some of my readers.

The one meal a day plan (with snacks scattered around everywhere). 

I’ll go over the pros/cons and how to do it correctly:




As far as benefits go, there can be many.

Keyword: “can”. 

If you find it in yourself to remove the snacks and resort to just the single meal a day, then you’ll find you can reap those benefits.

The reason I say this is, without snacks, you’re essentially fasting. 

In fact, one meal a day plan (OMAD) is pretty common and is an extreme form of intermittent fasting.

Fasting is very beneficial with potential to enhance heart health, boost brain function and aid in weight loss (just to name a few).

It’s definitely something you should look into if don’t eat very often.




If you’ve been doing this for a while, I’m sure you’re well aware of the consequences.

The problem with holding out for one meal is the tendency to overeat (which makes perfect sense if you’ve been starving yourself the whole day) but this can lead to unintentional weight gain and thus further health issues. 

Another problem is meal time. Anyone saving themselves for one meal would most likely choose dinner as their option because it’s traditionally the biggest meal.

However, this becomes quite problematic when we take a closer look at the food options in America for breakfast and dinner (breakfast in general has healthier options).

Finally, there’s the issue of snacks. 

Eating one meal a day leaves unlimited amount of time for snacking and I think it’s pretty obvious what we’d find if we compared those to dinner and breakfast.

Moral of the story? OMAD with snacking isn’t healthy at all. 




Fortunately, completely dismissing your meal plan isn’t what I’m doing to do.

I promised a way to make it work so here goes.

If you’re going to eat one meal a day, you’re going to have to make it count. This means getting in as many vitamins and nutrients as you can.

But don’t run for the hills just yet…

If burger and fries is your choice for the only meal you eat daily, then recommending a salad instead will definitely not work…so throw in an apple and call it even. 

Or a banana, or orange or some yogurt with berries/nuts, or avocado etc.

You give me your terms, I give you mine and we compromise. Then maybe, just maybe, in a couple weeks time…we can make more deals.

Who says it needs to be hard?


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