5 Healthy Habits You Can Start This Second

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None of the information written below or supplied by links is suitable for follow without a doctor’s consent.

Getting a gym membership and working out sound too hard? No problem. 

Learning to cook and eating healthy meals sound impossible? That’s alright. 

There’s a time and place for all of these steps and it’s just not your time yet.

In the meantime, let’s be ready by starting with the following health habits:




Staying hydrated is a given, but what about the best time to drink water?

An article published by Mind Valley explains that drinking a glass of water in the morning can greatly benefit healthy upkeep. 

These benefits include jump-starting your metabolism, flushing out toxins, strengthening your immune system and even aiding in weight management. 

Not only that but it can also be considered meditative. Wake up, drink a cold glass of water with some lemon and make a healthy plan for your day.

Breakfast can wait it’s turn, water is the true game changer!




For any readers that are full-time students or have a desk job, this’ll work magic. 

As we all know, a sedentary lifestyle can be a deadly one. From obesity to cardiovascular disease and even early death, sitting all day can be life-threatening.

However, a study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that you can prevent some of these health risks simply by fidgeting.

Yup, you read that correctly!

Start tapping those feet and wiggling your toes because it’s true, the smallest thing can make the biggest difference. 




Weighing yourself is elementary, but the why can be a bit surprising.

“According to senior author David Levitsky, people who weigh themselves daily and track the results are more likely to lose weight” says Olivia Tarantino, writer.

A 2015 Cornell University study explains that the scale acts as a “priming mechanism” that makes you conscious of your food choices

Me personally, I’ll be waiting till summer to test the accuracy of this study, as I am currently trying to put on some weight, not lose it.

Which means the ball’s in your court, give it a go!




Want to do your body a solid? Just listen!

Believe it or not, your body knows what it wants and what it doesn’t. A stomach or headache typically means something’s wrong and it’s best to listen if you want to avoid any permanent damage to your health. 

Always go for checkups whenever you can and even better, keep a diary. 

Document the foods that make you feel sick and those that don’t. This’ll make it very easy to track down a food intolerance and/or allergy. 

Also, for those that have skin conditions (like myself) such as acne or dandruff, a diary can be a very useful tool as food does impact these conditions.




I wrote an article about this on Monday, but here’s the basic idea.

If you’re having trouble getting yourself into the gym or making small changes to your diet, you’re part of the population that relies solely on motivation. 

You may not know it, but until that Victoria’s Secret fashion show guilt trips you into inhaling an entire Caesar salad, you won’t do anything differently.

So I say, when that moment of opportunity does come, be ready for it!

Rather than eating 2 pounds of spinach or working out for 3 hours, leave half of the salad for later and workout for 1 hour instead of 3.

You’ll reap the same benefits (pride and less guilt) and realize that less truly is more and living healthy doesn’t have to be hard!



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