A Tiny Tip To Control Your Cravings

What if I told you, that eating an entire bag of Baked Sweet Potato Chips could satisfy your cravings just as well as a pint of Ben&Jerry’s?

Or a bag of seasoned air-popped popcorn could substitute a Snickers Bar?

What if cravings aren’t what you think they are…and healthy options CAN satisfy?

Would you believe me?




Merriam-Webster tells us cravings are a strong desire for something (food in this case) and experiences tell us that eating that food is the only way to satisfy those cravings…

…or so we think.

Haven’t you noticed that every time you crave something, you crave it in ungodly amounts? 3 pints of Ben&Jerry’s or 4 Domino’s Pizzas?

What if it isn’t the taste that we’re craving, but the amount?

What if we can satisfy that unhealthy craving by just eating a lot of semi-healthy food?

NOTE“Semi-healthy” because quinoa bites just won’t do the trick. 

Craving something tasty and craving a lot of food aren’t the same but if we can distinguish the two…

…it might be a step in the right direction. 




Binging is a culprit in our fight against cravings, no doubt.

If you had to choose between eating an entire bag of something that’s semi-healthy versus an unhealthy snack (candy bar), which would you pick?

The bag of air-popped popcorn from Trader Joe’s of course. It’s a whole bag!

And while I should be cautioning you against eating too much of the “semi-healthy food” because of the difference in calories…I won’t.

Cravings don’t come very often and when they do, I want you to enjoy them.

If you choose an entire bag of baked sweet potato chips (organic of course) or a box of chili lime roasted chickpeas over a Snickers Bar…then more power to you!

At the end of the day, you’ll feel less guilty but just as satisfied and most importantly, you’ll find love for much healthier food!




Our goal is simple: disregard the amount, go for quality. 

When those cravings come along, understand that you might just be craving a large amount of food and not specifically the food itself.

Ditch the Snickers Bar and go for a bag of Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips instead and you’ll notice that it just might hit the spot. 

Not always of course, sometimes we really do need that Snickers Bar…

….but sometimes we don’t and those are the times that’ll count. 





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