3 Foods You NEED To Stop Eating ASAP

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None of the information written below or supplied by links is suitable for follow without a doctor’s consent.

I never liked stringing together the words, “stop” and “eating” for the simple reason that it’s not fair to the readers and just not realistic. 

Regardless of how well written the article is, saying those words alone is pointless. 

This is why whenever I do use those words together, I always give a substitute food. 

For example, instead of flat out telling you to stop eating ice-cream in my article about Tasty and Healthy Alternatives, I researched the healthiest ice-cream brand I could find and recommended it (The New Barn).

However, when it comes to the following 3 foods, I shouldn’t be fair nor reasonable because of how hazardous they are to your health.




At first, I thought the following line was impossible but after doing some research, I can assure you of it’s legitimacy:

You’re better off eating 9 teaspoons of sugar, than you are drinking a Coke.

Sugar is the first thing most people think of when it comes to soda, but there are many more toxic ingredients that are more dangerous.

Examples include: high fructose corn syrup (leading cause of obesity), citric acid (tooth decay), sodium bonzoate (serious cell damage) etc.

There is simply no argument for soda…it’s the worst of the worst. 




You’re already familiar with the health risks associated with candy so to avoid an obvious heading AND explanation, here’s something interesting:

According to Hotze Health, “too much sugar can be a contributing factor in depression“.

Furthermore, a study published in the Journal Gerontology found that “excess sugar is though to have an insulin reaction and increase the risk of developing dementia“.

Lastly, research shows that high sugar consumption can negatively affect memory. 

The research is there, the answers are there, the question is…

is 3 minutes of pleasure worth the health risks?




This for me personally, was the hardest food to stop eating. 

However, I tackled it with the same technique I mentioned in my previous article. Turns out, it wasn’t so much the taste as it was the amount.

The problem is, portion size. I mean come on, family size? Really?

Disregarding the increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer, portion size completely throws self-control out the window.

Unlike soda and candy, which can be consumed in roughly 5 minutes, opening a bag of chips comes with the guarantee (more often than not) that you’ll also finish it.

And as you can imagine, finish the bag greatly increases the health risks.

But always remember, portion size isn’t an issue if the bag isn’t opened…




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