Top 10 Comfort Foods Ranked From Worst To Best

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Friday is here once again and for most of us, so is comfort eating. 

Nothing beats snuggling up on our beds with a bowl of Totino’s Pizza Rolls and a new season of Daredevil to let our eyes bleed to. I love that show!

However, with a new Friday also comes new opportunity.

Today when you reach for those Pizza Rolls, remember the method I mentioned in my previous article to feel less guilt, more pride and of course, equally satisfied.

In fact, here’s a list already made for you to make it that much easier:

NOTE – Every food will have an explanation for it’s place on the list and the healthiest options/alternatives (if any). 




Coming in at #1, the worst of the worst. Like I said in my previous article, unless they remove toxic ingredients such as citric acid, you are better of eating pure sugar.

Drinking green tea or eating more veggies or exercising is nice and all, but they pale in comparison to the health benefits that quitting soda will give you.

Healthy Alternatives: IZZE Sparkling Juice, Zevia Zero Calorie Soda




The Clyde to soda’s Bonnie, these two go hand in hand. 

Actually, you’re better off eating a Snickers than drinking a Coke because the ingredients are actually familiar (corn syrup, milk, sugar). I mean, what the heck is Sodium Bonzoate?

Healthy Alternatives: Dark chocolate, High Quality Chocolate (Godiva, Belgium)




While on the subject of unfamiliar ingredients, chips take the gold.

If you ever want a college paper throwback, take a look at the ingredients to Doritos. Here’s a good rule of thumb: the more confused you are, the more toxic it is. 

Healthy Alternatives:  Sweet Potato Chips, Kale and Zucchini Chips




Don’t get me wrong, microwaves aren’t the issue here. They are super convenient!

While it is true that some nutrients break down when exposed to heat, what nutrients? Pizza Rolls and Hot Pockets aren’t exactly known for their nutritional value.

NOTEI personally stay away from all microwave foods and encourage you do the same. Apart from the microwave, the foods themselves contain toxic ingredients. 




Similar to microwave meals because of their convenience, next are frozen foods.

Once again, there’s the issue of ingredients but if we’re being honest, any food we don’t cook ourselves will have that same problem. Freezing is beneficial because it helps to ensure the preservation of important vitamins and minerals (if any).

Healthy Options (Brands): Kashi, Luvo, Love the Wild




The reason ice-cream is at the halfway mark is because it’s very hit or miss.

A moderate amount of ice-cream here and there isn’t such a bad thing, thanks to ingredients such as calcium and phosphorus. However, it becomes a problem when your go to brand is Ben&Jerry’s or Breyers and your portion size is out of control.

Healthy Options (Brands): Julie’s Organic, The New Barn




Associated with unhealthy connotations of stroke/cancer, all it is is food made quickly.

Thanks to a plethora of healthy options, fast food is actually a convenient and healthy addition to any diet. Simply avoid the obvious suspects such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Healthy Options: Mighty Bowl, Just Salad, Roast Kitchen, Panera Bread




Cookies, cupcakes, cakes all fall under this category, but there’s a twist.

The beauty of baking is that its an art and just like all art, the sky’s the limit. Ditch the Oreo’s and Chips Ahoy and dab in creative, healthy yet tasty works of art. 

Healthy Options: Maison Kayser, Veniero’s Pastry, Vegan Divas


berries-chocolates-delicious-918327 (1).jpg


What better way to get in touch with your healthy side than to dip it in chocolate?

The amazing thing about these tasty creations is that the chocolate overpowers the taste of fruit or nuts and at the end of the day, you feel less guilty and just as satisfied. 

Healthy Options: Any fruits, any nuts, preferably Dark Chocolate




Very similar to chocolate covered fruits/nuts, but with one key difference. Portion size. 

Both include many healthy ingredients such as dark chocolate, fruits, nuts, honey and oats but too much of anything is bad and the smaller it is, the more you’ll eat. 

Healthy Options (Brands): Kashi, Junkless, KIND, Chia Bars



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