3 Superfoods That’ll Definitely Surprise You

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There’s only one thing you should think of when you read ‘superfoods’:

Most bang for your buck

Unfortunately, most people think much more. The most common misconception with superfoods is that they’re either fruits or vegetables.

Which makes sense of course, most superfoods do fall under those two categories…

….but interestingly enough, there are more categories and MANY more foods. 




This one surprised me the most and bodybuilder or not, it can definitely benefit you.

Whey protein has a high concentration of glutamine, which has been show to “enhance energy levels, boost immune function and fight infection” (Michael 114).

Furthermore, whey raises levels of an important antioxidant glutathione, which “stimulates antibody production and assists in effective body detoxification” (114).

Lastly, a lifestyle that includes taking whey protein and weight-lifting is ideal to preserve muscle mass and even help rebuild lost muscle. 

It’s quick to consume and quick to digest, can there be a simpler superfood?




Perhaps most hated for its high fat/calorie content, this condiment is truly amazing.

For starters, its a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is THE gold standard of healthy fats and CAN help fight depression, improve sleep, fight inflammation etc.

In addition, “the base of olive oil is good for digestion, the lime juice offers Vitamin C and eggs deliver protein to promote healthy muscle growth,” explains Alamy (Telegraph).

However, quality is an issue here. Obviously, the most common brands such as Kraft, Heinz or Miracle Whip aren’t recommended here due to their additive ingredients.

Restaurants aren’t to trust either, therefore make sure to stick to organic brands or even better, make it yourself.

It’s very simple and home-made recipes are always the best!




If you’re a sushi lover like myself, you’ll jump for joy with this one.

Known for its ability to prevent tooth decay and reduce pain caused by inflammation, wasabi is most commonly known to improve gut health. 

According to Christine Ruggeri, CHHC, “the wasabi root has characteristics that may suppress bacteria found in the gut“. Wasabi peas in particular, are a great option for the intestinal tract as they help remove toxic substances found in the gut.

In addition, wasabi is great for killing harmful foodborne bacteria, which is the result of contaminated foods that lead to illness, food poisoning etc.

The smell is painful and so is the taste, but the benefits are worth it!



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