You’ll Get There Eventually

There’s a question in the back of my mind that keeps bugging me:

“How am I to know that I’ll make it? How is anyone to know?”

But because this blog is more for you than it is myself, let’s focus on your goal:

How are you to know that any of my articles will inspire you or motivate you enough to finally get the body of your dreams?

I mean that’s the goal isn’t it?

To one day stumble upon an article that has just enough kick to it and immediately sends you to the gym and the Whole Foods across the street.

What if that article never comes? What’s the point of reading if it doesn’t exist?




Although there is no perfect arrangement of words that can physically get you to do something, there are life lessons that can.

The one I’m referring to is the same one every other self-improvement blog teaches:

“Your life is the culmination of thousands of tiny decisions that you made…

…and about two or three that you didn’t”

This is the lesson every self-improvement blog tries to teach you as well as mine.

Although it may not seem like it until you learn the lesson, every article of mine is telling you the same thing:

“Topics such as health/nutrition/fitness are well within your reach…

…if you follow them, you’ll be healthy and happy…

…if not, well you know”

And the reason we try to teach you this, is because it works! The sooner you learn, the sooner you can change things in your life.




Health and Wellness blogs are especially good at teaching this lesson because of how many daily decisions regarding your health you make.

Everything from the food you eat and the bad posture to maintain to the sleep you don’t get and the exercises you skip, will be met with not only with a short term consequence but potentially a long term one as well.

These short term consequences are like tiny reminders of the lesson above.

Thus, my goal is to make you aware of as many consequences as possible through my articles so that you make better decisions.

Eventually, over time, you’ll get fed up from the head aches and the weight gain and instead of blaming life or others, you’ll start blaming yourself.

And the day that happens, is the day that everything changes.  




So don’t worry if you’ll ever get there. Don’t worry if it’s hopeless or not.

You’re making proactive decisions already to read my articles and stay aware and knowledgeable….now it’s just a matter of time.

What you should worry about is what’ll you do once you get there?

When you get the body of your dreams…will you keep it? Or lose it again?

When you start eating healthy…will you continue to do so? Or stop after a week?

“Understand these daily decisions for what they are…

….because thousands more are on their way”




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