3 Things Healthy People Are That You Can Be Too

I’m going out on a whim here and assuming that if you see the words, “exercise”, “sleep” or “hydrate”, you’ll stop reading immediately…and you should.

There are thousands of articles that literally all include those three words and while it is true, healthy people do indeed, it’s old news.

So instead of focusing on the physical aspect of a healthy life (the obvious bit), let’s do some digging and focus on the equally important mental aspect. 

Here are 3 Things Healthy People Are That You Can Be Too:



Healthy People Are Spontaneous

If you believe that eating the same healthy food everyday can get boring…you’re right.

Trust me, if I ate the same old brown rice, broccoli and ground turkey everyday, it would be someone else writing these articles….because I’d lose all motivation.

One of the things I make sure to do when I’m going to work or on my way to the gym is to keep my eyes open for new restaurants, street food etc.

Obviously I look for healthy options, but you’d be surprised by how creative people are and how delicious healthy food can be.

Even if the choices aren’t healthy. If it looks so damn good, go for it!

Remember, one of the amazing things about this lifestyle is that you never feel guilty because the following morning, you’re right back on track.



Healthy People Are Loving/Social

This one’s sorta similar to the previous one, but it gets a little scientific.

Turns out the occasional handshake, hug or even arm around the shoulder does go a long way, for both of you.

According to Dacher Kelter, Ph.D., in his article for Greater Good Magazine, “basic warm touch calms cardiovascular stress…it activates the body’s vagus nerve, which is intimately involved in our compassionate response.”

He continues by telling us that it’s particularly beneficial for patients with Alzheimer’s and pregnant women in reducing symptoms of depression. 

Now, I’m not saying go and be weird and hug anyone and everyone…but definitely be more open to meeting new people and spreading love.

In the great words of Michelangelo, “to touch can be to give life”. 



Healthy People Disconnect

This one overlaps with something successful people do and that makes perfect sense, since most successful people are also healthy.

But what is it about an hour of silence and no electronics that’s so significant?

Well for one, you’ll find an appreciation for time which is crucial according to literally every elderly person on every mode of transportation ever.

Second, you’ll get those creative juices flowing. Regardless if you’re an artist or not, honing in on those thoughts and feelings that make you you, is always a plus. 

Lastly, if not to benefit yourself as a person, help your body out. Disconnecting can greatly improve your sleep quality and even strengthen your immune system.

Always remember, you’re more than just a USB!




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After all, loving your life is easier when you love your body!





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