168 Promises

A new week is here with plenty of seconds chances. Before we begin, a quote:

“1 Week. 168 Hours. 7 Days”

I found this the other day and I have to say, it blew my mind. 168 hours?!?

Think about how many 30-minute walks by the river with a friend or how many 1 hour yoga sessions at home you can do in a week. It’s insane!

Now, while you’re calculating to double check, let’s jump right into today’s article.



Making A Promise

For most of us, making a promise is a big deal.

Even if the promise were as small as returning a dollar to the person you lose the least amount of sleep over, we do our best to fulfill our promises.

Reason being, promises are a reflection of ourselves. To keep a promise means you’re loyal and trustworthy and breaking it, means you’re not.

But it stretches further than trust and loyalty. Breaking a promise tells someone you’re lazy, you make excuses, you’re undisciplined…the whole nine yards.

And it’s for these reasons, we do our best to fulfill our promises.



Promises As Motivation

In a world driven by motivation, promises can be very useful.

A promise to your parents that you’ll lose 30 pounds by next Christmas comes with a daily reminder of their disappointment if you don’t fulfill it.

Or if you’re going cliché, promising your parents you’ll be successful one day comes with a daily reminder of their dismay if you’re still living with them at 30.

But the promises don’t have to be this massive. 

A simple promise to your best friend to do some cardio once a week for an hour is small and yet still powerful….after all there 168 of them in a week!

Any promise, regardless of size, can be motivating.



Making This Week Different

The challenge for both of us this week, is to make a TINY promise.

Not a promise to one day be successful, not a promise to lose 100 lbs, not even a promise to do some cardio once a week…this week we’re making a TINY promise. 

Examples include: stretching for 15 minutes, eating a handful of spinach, etc.

The goal of this promise of course to fulfill it but also to get yourself in the habit of using promises for the tools they can be.

The purpose behind it being “tiny” is because starting with small steps is the best way to guarantee that you keep stepping forward. 

Also, make sure to make the promise to someone whose opinion of you matters a lot. A stranger you just met won’t motivate you the same way your parents will.

And who knows? Maybe you might even motivate them to do the same. 




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