3 Things Athletes Do That You Should Do Too

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What makes an athlete?

Is it the endless hours in the gym accompanied by perfect nutrition? For some. 

Is it a “lone wolf” mentality to be the best in the gym no matter what? For some.

For others, it might be gym once a week and semi-perfect nutrition. Sound familiar?

Regardless of how intense your workouts are, the following 3 activities are important for everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike. 




The biggest mistake we make concerning our core is assuming it’s just our abs.

It’ll come as a huge surprise to know that your core is comprised of 35 different muscles, connecting into the pelvis from spine and hip area.

Now, I understand having little motivation to train your abs when you don’t seem them…but now we’re talking posture, back pain, joints etc. 

Athlete or not, there’s a gold mine here. Think about all the pain you can mitigate!

So keeping in mind the very little motivation you have, I have just 1 core exercise for you. The Godfather, the Big Mama of all core exercises: the plank. 

1 minute of planking daily will work miracles for your entire core. Get to it!


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Probably the best miracle worker I know of, EVERYONE should fast.

I’ll be honest and admit I have trouble staying consistent with this activity but when I do delegate a day to water fasting, the benefits are imminent. 

If you’d like to read more about those benefits, here’s an article for you!

For me personally, fasting has helped a bunch with clearing up my skin as well as reducing the frequency of heart pain and aiding in digestion. 

Once again, athlete or not, studies have shown that fasting does in fact, work magic.

If you’re looking to start, do what I do and spend 1 day a week, drinking only water.

TIPThe more water you drink, the more effective the fast will be!




The bane of everyone’s existent, the most dreaded of all…cardio. I honestly hate it.

But cardio’s not as bad as you think….especially since most people associate it with 20 mile marathons and 100 mile hikes.

Here’s the best advice I can ever give you: stop making it hard for yourself!

For anyone still reading that didn’t immediately ditch after the word “cardio”, I’m going to recommend the easiest and simplest cardio exercise known to man.

No equipment, at home and for as long as you like: jogging (in place). 

If you have any heart problems, if you don’t feel good overall, if you’re looking to drop a couple of pounds…take 15 minutes and simply jog in place!

When tomorrow comes, that pint of ice-cream won’t guilt trip you as hard. 




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