The Reason We Aren’t Proactive ft. The Solution

Firstly, what does it mean to be proactive?

“Making things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you”

Synonyms include: motivated, energetic, driven. 

Based on these findings, I think we can agree on the fact that going to class and work, doesn’t mean you’re proactive.

Reason being, you have no choice and you have to do them.

Most of us go to school because of our parents and we work for money, without which we can’t survive. No choice there. 

However, choosing to study every night in an effort to do well in all your classes, or choosing to work late nights, is being proactive. 

Most of us don’t sacrifice sleep or fun because we don’t see the bigger picture.



Examples of Proactivity 

Any activity we do that initially requires some discipline, is an activity that makes us proactive…discipline being another reason why most of us aren’t proactive.

Drawing, dancing, singing, exercising, reading etc.

These are all activities that are usually ignored for sleep/fun and the reason why most of our days are regrettably wasted.

But that’s fine…because we’re all struggling with proactivity.

Today I’ll give you the reason for your inactivity as well as offer a solution. 



Why We Aren’t Proactive

The reason we aren’t proactive is due to lack of preparation. 

We don’t read because we haven’t dug out the books from under our bed and left one on our bedside table or in our book bag.

If books aren’t easily accessible, there’s no way we’ll find it in us to read.

Which leads me to my personal experience. The simple act of putting a book in my bag, now results in light reading here and there whilst on the bus/train. 

We don’t go to the gym because we either haven’t bought a membership or we didn’t leave a change of clothes in our bags before work.

The gym is right around the corner, but the gym clothes are at home.

This lack of preparation, whether it’s finding a book or some cute gym clothes and putting them in our bag, results in inactivity later on. 

If you’ve ever left dirty dishes overnight, you know that making breakfast the following morning is near impossible. 



The Solution

It’s not so much the solution (be prepared) but the nifty tricks.

If you want to eat more snacks throughout the day because you’re trying to lose weight, simply pack snacks in your bag. 

If you’re trying to stay consistent with breakfast, don’t make it harder on yourself by leaving dirty dishes overnight.

Even the smallest things like trying to drink more water. Trust me, if you had water accessible on your table where you worked, you’d pee like a racehorse.

So I say, bring some almonds or a book or both with you to work tomorrow and enjoy the benefits of a small success. 

The more prepared we are, the more proactive we’ll be. 



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