3 Bad Habits To Avoid Once You Make It To The Gym

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I’m sure we can all agree that getting to the gym can be quite a difficult task.

But once we finally get there, why make it harder?

I mean, just because Chris Hemsworth trains nonstop daily doesn’t mean you should too…abs and arms like those needed round the clock care!

Habits like that are what break us in the search for consistency. 

Here are 3 Habits To Avoid Once You Make It To The Gym:



“Go Hard or Go Home” 

Ah yes, the all too popular, “if you’re not bleeding from your calluses or doubling over from agony, you’re not doing enough” mentality.

Admirable, but from my 3 years of training, not necessary. 

This is the most dangerous habit, because it’s the first thing that comes into mind:

“I only have 45 minutes, will I be able to finish an entire workout?”

Sound familiar?

In my endless struggle to find my own rhythm with consistency, I’ve found that going to the gym even with 15 minutes to spare, can make a huge difference.

Even if you do 1 exercise or stretching, going is better than not going.



3 Hours Is Crazy Talk

Let’s face, you’re not Chris Hemsworth and unfortunately, neither am I. 

Fortunately for us, this does mean that we don’t need to train like the God of Thunder.

According to Jason Ferruggia, “Eastern Bloc researchers determined that at the 45-minute mark your testosterone levels are coming back down to baseline”.

Seeing as this hormone is responsible for muscle growth (and weight loss; more muscle, less fat), working out for longer than 45 minutes isn’t recommended.

NOTE45 minutes flat, no texting. Instagram and FaceBook aren’t exercises…

The reason you’ve heard about 2-3 hour workouts is because the more muscle you have, the harder it is to build it and thus, longer workouts.

For someone whose last victory was stepping into the gym, stick with 45 minutes.

It’s maintainable, effective, and allows for consistency. 



Stop Ignoring Your Body

If you’re going to learn one thing today, let it be this: listen to your body.

When you’re sick, listen. When you’re tired or hungry…listen. When you’re exercising, listening becomes especially crucial for 2 reasons:

  1. Most fitness websites will tell you to stick to 8-12 reps. I disagree.
    • The name of the game is fatigue. Keep going until you feel it, then stop. 
  2. Injuries are very serious.
    • If you feel something isn’t right, stop immediately. 

We don’t want you to quit faster than you started…that’ll make me look bad.

Once you pass the 12 rep maximum that most fitness websites encourage, you’ll realize that you did in fact have more fuel. More fuel, more gains. 

And the good news, you’ll be done sooner. 



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