Controlling How Often You Get Motivated

“Motivation makes the world go round”

I like this line because it does well to explain how most of us live our lives.

We all have good days, filled with incredible opportunity and unleashed potential and then we have bad days, filled with nothingness.

It’s an effective system…sort of, but one things for sure: we can do better. 

Clear your schedule because after today, good days are coming.



You’re Not In Control

Whether you like it or not, chances are you don’t control what motivates you.

Whether it’s an amazing book you stumble upon, a life changing movie, embarrassment in public, a breakup….we’re not in control. 

This a huge problem, considering it’s these events that determine that frequency of how often we get things done.

And it’s not just a lack of control, these events aren’t as common as we’d like. 

Not that we’d want more breakups, but you know what I mean. 

Now that we know the problem, the solution is simple: find events we can control.

“We can act instead of being acted upon”



What Not To Do

There is no sugar coating it, motivation is unreliable and inefficient.

There’s no sense in giving so much power to something responsible for our ability to change, grow, learn….and yet we do. 

In the vast world that is effectiveness, change, and success, motivation is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath you’ll find habits, consistency, motive etc.

It’s a map that’ll lead you exactly where you want to go…if you trust the system. 

Ditching motivation and choosing not to let outside events or circumstances have a say in your life, makes you inhuman, a robot.

Success requires following correct principals, making healthy habits, and staying consistent, but living life sometimes requires the opposite. 

Bad habits, inconsistency and spontaneity make us who we are.



Good Days To Come

I don’t have much say in the music industry…but I can explore new music. 

I’d love for another Travis Scott album, but while I wait for something that I have no control over, I can allow other music to motivate me the same way.

I can take a risk with Auto-play and potentially find more motivating songs.

Same goes with food. Nothing pushes me harder in the gym than the thought of a Might Bowl post workout to enjoy myself….or rather, nothing I know of. 

I can be spontaneous and take detours to potentially find more delicious foods. 

Events such as these have just as much power to motivate us…if we allow them to.  

So, I promised you good days to come but in return, I need a promise of spontaneity, risk-taking and discovery.

Do we have a deal?



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The best places to find motivation are those that you haven’t found yet.


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