If It’s Broken, Why Not Fix It?

Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It” is brilliant.

It’s simple, short and combats our daily struggles and battles with a simple solution: Ignore the difficulties, stop the excuses and get on with it.

But it may not be the best way approach when it comes to healthy living. 

In fact, when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle, I believe a more effective game plan would be, “Just Don’t Do It”.

Have I peaked your curiosity yet?



Your Answers To My Question

I recently asked a total of 30 people one simple question:

“Would you rather start going to the gym once a week…

or stop eating one of your favorite snacks for a while?”

After tallying the answers from non-gym goers, 90% answered: “dessert”.

This wasn’t all that surprising, since not eating snacks doesn’t require you to leave the house and potentially deal with judgement/shame in the gym.

What is surprising is how much emphasis nowadays is put on starting something new as opposed to fixing what’s old. 

If I’m not mistaken, building a house on a weak foundation isn’t a good idea. 



Just Don’t Do It

The idea here is, instead of focusing so much on gym memberships, simply clean up your diet, one snack at a time. 

Luke Durward in his life story for TEDx Talks, said it best:

“If it’s not there, you can’t eat it”

The nutritionist knew his brother was struggling with making healthy choices so he took the easiest first step for him, he removed the junk food. 

The problem was, his brother was too scared of the idea of “healthy living”. From an outsider looking in, training 3-5 days a week and preparing meals that include every macro is a lot to take in.

Instead of throwing his brother to the wolves, Luke kept him in the same environment and just changed a few things. 

Here now, I believe that’s the best decision when adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Fix the unhealthy habits you’ve acquired over the years and you’ll eventually pave the way for the healthy habits to come. 



Can You Do It?

Today’s article comes with a challenge:

“Find a snack you love and stop eating it for a week”

If a week’s too easy, keep going! Make it a month. 

If one snack’s too easy, keep going! Make it all snacks. 

This week we’ll realize, just how unintimidating healthy living really is. 





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