Angles. Change. Everything…And They’ll Definitely Change Your Gym Experience

Gym the other day would’ve been regular and uneventful, if not for a simple discovery. 

All throughout my arm workout, Arnold’s famous words rang in my ears:

“Shock the muscles! Shock the muscles!”

And whilst I generally agree that change is an important aspect not just of fitness but also for living a happy and healthy life…

…why so much emphasis on the exercise? Why not change the angles?




Great bodybuilders all have one thing in common: they stick to the basics. 

Pull-ups, dips, deadlifts, squats – these classic old school exercises are simply the best for building wholesome muscle and there’s no reason for us to stray from them.

Instead, let’s make a minor change to a great exercise by focusing on new angles.

Pulls ups for example, are in my opinion THE best exercise for the entire back. However, different versions of a pull up target certain muscles more than others.

Close Grip Pull-UpsRecruits more muscles, like the biceps and even parts of the chest, thus making it an easier version.

Wide Grip Pull-Ups – Recruits less of the bicep and most of the emphasis is solely on the back, thus making it more difficult.

Same exercise, different angle and an entirely different experience. 




The idea here is simple: to see a change, you must make a change. 

This is approximately the 300th cliche I’ve mentioned throughout my website, but I never mention one without first dissecting it.

After all, how will you truly understand it if it isn’t relatable?

We all have careers, dreams and/or ambitions and naturally when we hear change, we envision a massive turn around in a different direction.

But maybe this week’s discovery is telling us change doesn’t have to be so monumental.

It could be that we’re headed in the right direction yet small details like certain people or certain habits are those in need of change.

What if it’s the details that need changing (the angles) as opposed to the bigger picture (the exercises)?




This week during your workouts, you’re going to be a scientist. 

The gym, your home, wherever you train will be your lab and it won’t be the exercises under the microscope, but the angles.

Mix and match, combust and explode and you’ll make an important change to your workout that your physique will thank you for.

Happy Lifting!


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