The Game Changing Strategy We All Need In The Gym

Isn’t it an amazing feeling, to find a quote you like…

“Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t look back.” – Erin Anderson

…follow it’s advice and realize it was just that simple?

I mean, to LITERALLY follow that simple strategy and have that mindset and find more success than if you didn’t.

Don’t think it’s possible? Let’s look at the research.




A couple years ago, Emily Balcetis made a discovery that I think is mind-boggling.

Through research, she was able to conclude that popular strategies such as the one shared by Erin Anderson, are really that simple and effective. 

Emily Balcetis and her team, told participants in a study to walk to the finish line with foot weights that amounted for 15% of their body fat.

These participants were trained to simply, keep their eyes on the prize. 

To say the least, the findings were very surprising. 

Feedback from the participants in the race showed an increase of 23% in speed, as well as a 17% decrease in difficulty.

The simple strategy to hone in completely onto your goal and block out any distractions LITERALLY vastly improved their experience.




I can’t recall any finish lines last time I’ve worked out, so need to improvise. 

As a bodybuilder, I won’t benefit as much as you will considering my eyes are set on the next weight I lift, whereas yours are on numbers.

My eyes are constantly drifting due to the weight being moved or a distraction such as someone walking in my way etc.

You however, are completely isolated and laser-focused on the numbers staring you in the face from your cardio machine. 

Whether it’s calories burned or time traveled, these will be your finish lines. 

With non-distracting music and/or a maintainable difficulty level, you’re on track to reach your fitness goals sooner. 

And as amazing as that might sound, there’s more to consider. 




With this glimmer of hope, there’s new avenues to explore.

Or rather, the same avenues in need of new exploration. If a simple strategy such as the one above is this effective, we need to rethink our approach.

Instead of brushing away advice from Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, we need to consider the possibility that it may be that simple. 

Key word here being ‘simple’, not easy. 

A book a week for me, might just be as mind-boggling effective and simple as tracking macros for you (the most common and yet most underrated weight loss advice).

What if these strategies and lessons are truly universal and simple really is better?

Food for thought…




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