3 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

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These days, the word “healthy” is tossed around too much.

It’s come to the point where trusting information provided in stores and sometimes even online isn’t an option anymore and thus, our health is jeopardized.

Fortunately, there are some of us who dig deeper to find the truth.

Following are 3 very common foods that you might think are healthy, but according to multiple sources, isn’t the case.

Read along as I just might change your dinner plans tonight!




While soybeans do actually contain several nutrients such as Iron and Magnesium, research suggests that it might be a double edged sword.

Leah Zerbe, MS explains, “a recent Norwegian study found ‘extreme’ levels of glyphosate in U.S. soy, meaning we’re eating weedkiller when we eat non-organic soy.”

Glyphosate has been linked to many health problems, including cell death.

Soy protein (a dietary supplement) isn’t a good idea either as it’s been linked to, “asthma, breast cancer and thyroid disease” continues Leah.

What’s an easy fix for soy sauce lovers, you might ask?

Well, as someone who loves Asian Cuisine as well as soy sauce, I do recommend buying a bottle of Coconut Aminos. It takes exactly the same!




For those of you that don’t read ingredients, this one’s a biggie.

Until recently, I used to think that trading in white bread for Wholegrain or Multigrain bread was a simple and easy fix.

As it turns, the type of flour is also important to note.

Registered Dietitian, Erin WinterHaler explains, “a lot of breads will use a bunch of different refined flours, making multigrain bread not much better than white.

The key ingredient here is whole grain flour, so be on the lookout!

As for anyone that’s a little more determined, why stop there?

In terms of bread, finding bakeries that make them on the spot is the best. Great locations include Maison Kayser and Breads Bakery!




While I’ve always been semi-aware of the potential health risks that come with eating certain fish, I wasn’t aware of how much fish.

Leah Zerbe, MS has written an entire article documenting 17 different types of fish that you should NEVER eat (article here).

The most common and a personal favorite is farmed salmon.

She then mentions 6 different studies in her article, all of which support her claim with words such as, “genetically modified”, “pesticides”, “pollutants”, and many more.

This is a lot to take in, especially for a bodybuilder like myself, who relies on fish as an alternative to the regular meats.

But rather than drawing boundaries for ourselves, let’s start with what we can eat.

Leah recommends a little more expensive but much less risky options such as Alaskan wild-caught salmon, Pacific sardines and Atlantic mackerel!



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