Forgetting To Remember

Us humans are all guilty of one thing: forgetfulness. 

Now I’m not talking about forgetting to pay the bills or forgetting our keys in our car, although we’re all guilty there too.

I’m referring to the most important thing we all forget: our past. 

And in terms of our health and fitness, the food and body experiences that at the time were dreadful but now, are forgotten.

Today we learn, how to remember that past and use it for the future.




Insert cliche “remember your past” quote here. 

I would challenge you to remember an unhealthy food experience that’s made you feel dreadful afterwards, but that’d be easy because they’re all bad.  

If you could remember how you felt however, you’d be a step ahead of all of us because we all forget that tiny, yet very important detail. 

Fortunately for us, we’re constantly reminded. 

Every pizza, pint of ice-cream, bag of chips, will leave us feeling terrible afterwards and while that doesn’t sound fun, it’s a blessing in disguise. 

So, if you’re guilt reading today’s article with a box of doughnuts in your bag, take solace in knowing you’re a step ahead of us in terms of refreshing that unhealthy experience…

…but at the same time back to square one in terms of your diet/goal.




In truth, there are infinite examples but here’s a look at another one.

We’ve all experienced embarrassment at one point due to body composition (too big, too skinny), skin conditions (acne, dandruff) etc.

The difference between these and unhealthy food experiences, is that embarrassment last much longer and isn’t easily forgotten. 

Embarrassment is one of the biggest motivators but although it might empower you for the next couple months or even years, it dies down eventually. 

Insert cliche “nothing last forever” quote here. 

All these experiences, if remembered down to the smallest details, can propel us to incredible heights…but the question is, how can we?




It’s been a while since my last entry, but I’m back for good. 

I’m in need of a method that’ll remind me of any embarrassment and the terrible way I feel after eating junk food (both physically and emotionally). 

I’m too forgetful. I eat and eat and never remember. 

I need a record of how I felt after eating those foods, how much I hated myself for it and how many times I promised myself I’d stop. 

I need to remind myself how the bumps and dry skin on my face felt afterwards, how embarrassing it was gaining 20 pounds over the summer…all of it. 

Help me with this diary…

…and I just might break through the barriers holding me back. 




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