Achieving Goals Has Never Been Easier

What’s the most popular question on New Years Day?

If you answered, “Will I achieve my fitness goals this year?” then you’re correct, but I’ll give humor points to whoever answered, “What year is it?”.

The most dreaded part of any new year is the fear that nothing will change. 

This is true for all goals, but it doesn’t have to be. After today, you’ll find that with a small change, setting and achieving goals is actually very simple. 

And for those asking, it’s 2019. 




In my eyes, achieving goals requires two things: correct timing and a finish line. 

For obvious reasons, the new year is a perfect time to set goals. Whoever or whatever you were last year, stays there and is never spoken of again.

But for most of us, achieving one goal a year isn’t exactly record-setting pace. 

Thankfully, there are alternatives. At the end of the day, any big change like the new year will be just as effective in filling our motivation tank.

A new job, apartment, new relationships, all of these changes are just as potent. The trick is using them for the gifts they are. 

Take our role models for example. Celebrities that are so goal-oriented, that they turn even the smallest of changes, a new day, into a means for success. 

For us, it seems insane, but insanity is the price of success. 




Most of us make goals that are what I’d call, never-ending:

“Next year, I’m going to get lose weight. Next year, I’m going to get fit.”

Regardless of the fact that these goals are too general, where does it end?

For a 200 pound woman who hasn’t lifted a weight in years, “getting fit” can take years, especially if you’re new to the scene.

I’d give it a month, before the motivation from your big change runs out.

What’s missing, and the quick fix you’re looking for, is to just add numbers!

“Starting January, I’m going to go the gym for 1 month”

Here we have not only correct timing but consistent motivation from the knowledge that we’re slowly nearing a finish line in sight.




By quantifying our goals, we make them more realistic and achievable:

“I won’t eat any processed sugar for 1 month”

“This week, I’m going to get 8 hours of sleep every night”

“With this new job, I’ll go to the gym for 2 months”

“In honor of my birthday, I’ll eat a handful of spinach for 1 week”

“Next week, I’ll drink 1 gallon of water everyday”

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