3 “Unhealthy” Foods That Actually Aren’t That Bad

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Last week’s article talked about 3 healthy foods that actually aren’t that healthy.

That wasn’t too bad an idea, considering it made me think twice about one my own go-to favorites but more importantly because it was inspiring. 

Success in one hand, need for a new idea in the other. Let’s do the opposite!

As always, we’ll remain realistic and not include foods that we wouldn’t eat ourselves, like Almond Butter…bleh. 




For obvious reasons, cookies are probably the worst snack but I decided to include them because it’s a snack that allows for lots of experimentation.

Firstly, what are cookies really made of? Flour, sugar, baking soda and butter of course, but for the rest of it, the skies the limit in terms of health benefits.

Now I know it’s too much of a stretch to recommend baking your own because that goes against the realistic rule but as always, that is the best.

Second to that, we have alternatives. Cookies are great because you can throw in ingredients that you don’t love as much and end up eating a ton of them because they’re in the cookie form that you love.

You know, the usual nuts, seeds, and fruits that aren’t always high on our lists.

Lastly, hunting down the best brands is never easy but thanks to fellow writers, I can recommend Simple Mills, Udi’s and now my go-to favorites, Annie’s.




Ah yes, the one of the most frowned upon snacks and yet, probably the healthiest.

On one hand, you have the cliche movie theater popcorn; more butter than kernel and a reason to miss half the movie and wash your hands every minute. Any takers?

On the other hand, you keep it nice and simple. Store bought kernels, popped in your home, drizzled with olive oil and topped with ungodly amounts of whatever you like: natural honey, cinnamon, cheese, salt and pepper, herbs etc.

You do the math.

And for those who don’t do date night, any popcorn that’s been air-popped and doesn’t include an ingredient list that leaves you baffled, is totally fine!

Keep it simple, keep it healthy.




For my avid readers, you’ll notice lots of overlap between this article and the article concerning tasty alternatives for your sweet tooth.

And the reason is simple: we can still eat and enjoy the foods we love if we just do a little digging and change the source. 

Blue Bunny, Baskin-Robbins, Ben&Jerry’s…chances are if you’ve heard of the brand, you probably want to avoid it.

And thanks to brands such as Lifeway or Yasso that also include cultured milk and/or yogurts that add live and active cultures to benefit your gut health, it’s so easy!

That on top of the known benefits of ice-cream such as calcium, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K (also great for gut heath), you’re left grinning from ear to ear.

Who says living healthy is hard? It may be more expensive, but that’s about it. 




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