The Most Important Time Of Day To Exercise

Jobs change, priorities shift, but the most important time to exercise stays the same. 

Towards the end of today’s article, you’ll realize that most lessons you learn, whether they’re from this site or not, are truly universal.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, today’s lesson will be valuable to you.




If you were to ask Google this question, you’d get many answers.

Morning is best because it leaves you energetic for the rest of the day.  True for some, but for our night owls, maybe not so much.

After work is best because it’s on the way home. Also true, but I think our household employees would disagree.

Late night is best because the gym’s empty and all yours. Once again, a good idea for night owls but not for those who sleep early.

All these answers are situational, you’re not thinking big enough.

Think universal. What do these times have in common?




Also happens to be the most important lesson I’ve learned so far:

“The most important time to workout is when you least want to”

For the life of me I can’t remember the YouTuber who taught me this, but it’s kept me perseverant and disciplined for a while now.

And partly why I like it so much is that it disagrees with consistency. 

While I do my best to stay consistent just like you because of the promise of success, the problem with this saying is that we don’t consistently hate exercising. 

Sometimes we look forward to it. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s fun.

In fact, for an athlete who consistently trains, he may never not want to exercise.

So in light of that, we’ll have to change things up to test this theory.




As someone whose tested this theory, I can vouch for it’s legitimacy but it still begs the question of how? Why does this work? Do my workouts improve? 

What do I stand to gain from working out at 5AM in the morning?

It’s a good question, one that I can’t give you a direct answer for so instead, I’ll tell you about my personal experience very quickly.

For me, Saturday mornings are when I least want to workout.

After getting up at 7AM and working with 3 clients, a sweat sesh isn’t exactly high priority, especially if I’ve already done enough training the week before.

The reason I pull through is because not only are the workouts so intense and liberating, but afterwards I truly feel on top of the world.

Nothing beats my Saturday morning workouts, physically or mentally.




This may seem counterintuitive, but this week I encourage you to be less active.

With a fan base of both athletes and non-athletes, I have to encourage those who love training as well as those who don’t.

Your challenge this week, is to squeeze in one workout where it’s least convenient. 

Whether it be a Monday, your busiest workday or a day where the only free time you have is during lunch, I challenge you to make time for a workout.

One workout. On your least favorite day this week.

Pull through, find it in yourself to do it and I promise that you’ll never look back. 

Good day and good luck!




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