Aha Moments To The Rescue

When you hear the word “healthy”, you think: food, exercise, sleep. 

And that’s good, frankly there’s nothing wrong there…

…but alas, it’s also your demise. Those 3 words are what frighten you the most about this lifestyle. And they should, they’re not easy!

So instead of forcing them onto you, today I’ll teach you some words you don’t know that’ll make this lifestyle less intimidating. 




Thinking back, my first steps had nothing to do with those 3 words.

In fact, you’ll find that most fitness trainers or lifestyle bloggers started their journey with the easier steps, we’re all human and easier is better!

No one randomly starts tracking macros, that stuff is hard. 

The first steps are what I like to call, aha moments. 5 minute rituals, a small schedule change, finding a healthier body soap, all of these can be aha moments.

They are moments teach you one thing: this is doable. 

20 – 5 minute rituals, 4 natural body soaps later and lo and behold, you find yourself hungry for more. Hungry for the next step.

But let’s slow down a little, here are more examples for you. 




Keep in mind, aha moments are weird, so bear with me.

If I told you the simple act of reorganizing your desk space, or charting a new route home would make eating healthy easier…you’d laugh at me.

And why shouldn’t you? They have nothing in common. 

However, the problem here isn’t that trying new things is hard, it’s that what you’ve been doing for the longest time is too easy. Easy is good. 

What about inviting yourself over to a friend’s party, or throwing one of your own even though you’d never do that in a million years?

Would that make taking big steps like exercising or tracking macros any easier?

It’d be much too easy to say yes, so let me explain why it’s genius.




Fitness trainers, lifestyle vloggers, health bloggers, they’re not an alien race. 

They all abide by those cliche quotes you can find online, they all make food sacrifices and most importantly they’re all different. 

But even as they grow, their spontaneity stays the same. 

And that’s where you come in.

The reason I’m butting heads with the widely accepted fact that healthy is just 3 words is because it’s so much more than that. 

It’s also your mindset, your relationships, your soul (for my spiritual readers) and to be healthy in those areas, you need to seek out change and growth. 

You NEED to try new things and just BE DIFFERENT than who you were last year.




Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to change things up. 

The end goal here is to enjoy healthy meals, train consistently and sleep enough, but we won’t get there if we start there. 

Get into the healthy rhythm of trying new things.

Reorganize your already clean room. Force feed yourself a food you’ve always resented. Start conversations. Walk a different way home.

Once you fall into this rhythm, the end goal will be a walk in the park. 



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