1 Clever Way To Add More Method To Your Madness

Whatever your hobby, whatever your goals, we’re all looking to be more productive. 

At the end of the day, regardless of how great those 1-hours naps were or how unreal that TV show was, we would exchange it all for some work done.

Today’s method, while a bit crazy, may give us the edge we need. 

Also, keep in mind that I’m currently using this method to finish up this article and if I seem more out of it than usual, then it’s a success. 



Taking It To The Extreme

Believe it or not, you’ve gone crazy mode before.

No I don’t mean binging entire TV seasons or wallowing post-breakup and consuming 100,000 calories. I mean senseless fasting and all-nighters. 

I say senseless because people still believe fasting is a great way to lose weight. 

Senselessly avoiding food until your stomach hurts and staying up all night either for study or entertainment isn’t ideal….but it might be useful. 

Ever notice that while you’re hungry or extremely tired, you act different?

Not grumpy or crabby, I’m talking about having an existential crisis. You start thinking and seeing things differently and most importantly, questioning everything.

This small period before food or sleep may be what we’re looking for. 



Using It To Your Advantage

Rest assured, I’m not recommending pulling all-nighters. Those are the worst. 

What I am recommending is using that period before food and sleep to get some work done because it may be easier than any other times. 

After a long day of work or just waking up in the morning to an empty stomach gives you the opportunity to start or end things on the right foot. 

The thinking will be something like this:

“One more hour before I give in.

One more hour of work and then I can sleep like a baby or eat till I pop.” 

You’re already there. You’re 2 feet from the finish line, just think of this as a test for how bad you want whatever you’re working on.

You have the opportunity to ask yourself the most cliche question:

 “Do I want this dream more than I want food or sleep?”



“Successful” People Do This

Ever notice that most of the morning routines by successful people incorporate an idea similar to this one?

For example, a role model of mine, Steve Cook, does exactly this.

After waking up, he doesn’t eat breakfast but rather drinks a glass full of water and heads straight to the gym.

It’s all part of the, “start your day with the biggest challenge” cliche. 

One bad habit you’ll have to avoid however is late-night eating. In order to try and see if this works, you’ll need to end eating early so that you wake up hungry. 

I’d swing the idea of intermittent fasting by you, but let’s take small steps. 

So, next time you’re completely exhausted or starved, squeeze in some extra time and you’ll find that it was time well spent not just for your job or dream…

…but more importantly, for your mindset. 




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