No Equipment. No Excuses. Full Body At-Home Workout (8 Exercises)

Things to keep in mind during the workout:

  • None of these exercises are difficult. In fact, they’re all simple, straight-forward and can be done quickly. If done correctly with a moderate amount of rest, you can finish in 30 minutes.
  • It’s full-body meaning it’s meant more for fat loss than muscle building.
  • Intensity is yours to control. After the 30 minutes, if there’s still some energy left in you, by all means do it again.
  • There are 8 exercises with 2 each for legs, abs, upper body and arms.

Can you beat my record of 3 cycles? 



Exercises #1-2 (Squats and Alternating Lunges In Place, Superset)

  • 15 Squats and 10 Lunges with each leg
  • Squat Tips – Keep back straight. Sit as far as you can and look up as you do.
  • Lunge Tips – Hitting the floor with your knee is a bad habit. Don’t lunge too far forward, keep your thighs and lower part of your leg at a 90 degree angle.
  • Repeat 3 times.

Exercises #3-4 (Scissor Kicks and Planks, Superset)

  • 20 Scissor Kicks and 30 second Plank. 
  • What are Scissors Kicks? Lie down on your back and raise your legs just above the ground. Move your legs one by one, up and down but in opposite directions. Left up, right down, vise versa.
  • Plank Tips – Keep your body parallel to the ground and squeeze your abs.
  • Repeat 4 times.

Exercises #5-6 (Bicep Isometrics and Spade Push-ups, Superset)

  • 20 second Isometrics and 10 Spade Push-ups. 
  • Isometrics Tips – Flex both your biceps and hold. The harder you squeeze and the longer you hold, the better.
  • Spade Push-ups Tips – To get into position, bring your hands together to form a spade or triangle and begin.
  • Alternative – These push-ups are a little more difficult than the originals. To make it easier, bring your hands further apart but not too apart so as the focus leaves your triceps and goes to your chest.
  • Repeat 3 times.

Exercises #7-8 (Regular Push-ups and Assisted Pike Handstand, Superset)

  • 15 Push-ups and 5 Reps of the Assisted Pike Handstand
  • How to do an Assisted Pike Handstand? These are assisted and much easier. All you need to do is rest your legs on something stable (chair or table) and assume handstand position for your upper body. Your upper and lower body doesn’t need to form a 90 degree angle, use the angle that works for you.
  • Assisted Pike Handstand Tips – Lower your head with your arms and try to reach the ground. Full range of motion is ideal, but once again you know your limits best, so just listen to your body.
  • Repeat 2 times.


The intensity is in your hands.

No equipment. No excuses. Just do it. 



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