4 Tips That Make The Word “Diet” Less Intimidating

Shout out to anyone that’s ever dieted. Ya’ll the MVP’s. 

If you have a personal trainer monitoring your progress and a dungeon to lock yourself into in order to avoid cravings, you’ll be fine.

But alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. 

You live in a world where others have dieted before you and are willing to pass on their knowledge in exchange for a subscription. It’s free!

Save yourself some time and frustration with my 4 quick dieting tips.


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I’ve stressed this in the past, always listen to your body. 

If you’re not hungry in the morning, don’t eat breakfast! It’s that simple. Stop forcing it upon yourself just because people “say” it’s important.

That being said, breakfast might be a must for dieting. 

Reason being, in order to survive the day without cravings, we must always be eating. If you go too long without food, you’ll end up overeating and regretting what you ate.

Amy Paturel from WebMD recommends 6 meals a day simple because cravings are much easier to avoid with food in your stomach.

The more often you eat, the easier the diet will be. 




I know why water’s important in general, but why even more so on a diet?

Apart from what you’ve already heard concerning the health benefits of water, there’s a key reason you might of missed.

Honestly, I didn’t track my water intake for the longest time, until I started dieting and that’s because it’s also crucial for avoiding cravings. 

“Drinking non-caloric fluids like water before a meal can help a dieter feel fuller,” explains Donna Logan, RD, registered dietitian.

Ever notice that water can help satiate you?

Throw in some electrolytes or super greens and you’re set for hydration.

Best advice I can give? Buy a big bottle and keep refilling it. 




Okay fine, check your starting weight first, then burn it. 

Dieting is purely psychological.

Trust me, this isn’t a physical test. Give your body the right foods with the right amounts and it’ll do it’s job, no problem. You’re the focus here. 

The smallest details like always checking the mirror or scale as if you’d lost 10 pounds in the last 10 minutes, can really destroy your progress.

Best advice I can give second to hydration? Get rid of the scale. 

Instead, use the one at the gym every 2 weeks to know how much you lost and change your caloric goals accordingly.

There you go, another reason to finally use that gym membership. 


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Don’t get me wrong, you’ll need to squeeze in cardio, that’s a given.

However, whilst in the middle of finding reasons not to eat that donut or exceeding your caloric restrictions, treadmills and stair-masters aren’t at the top of our lists.

And who says they have to be? There are other ways to burn calories.

If you like dogs, start walking them. If you like soccer, start playing it. Join a sports team or a martial arts class, whatever you want. 

The goal here is to find some sort of pleasure with your form of calorie burning because if you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it.

The more you burn, the more you lose, the shorter your diet needs to be. 

And the closer you’ll be to that legendary cheat meal…



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