Being A Part Of Something Bigger

Why does everyone put so much emphasis on having a balanced lifestyle? 

Why is “putting all our eggs in one basket” so frowned upon?

From the perspective of a dream chaser, it’s “go hard or go home”. No time for Plan B, no time for escape plans and alternatives. Give it your all.

Yet, as a dream-chaser, I’ve experienced that the questions above aren’t so much aimed at our destination but rather the journey. 

Let me explain.




For those of us that have put all our eggs in one basket, it reflects in our behavior.

For example, imagine (for the sake of having a real-world example) an unfit individual who devoted his entire life to his major, his degree and now his job. An individual who puts all his eggs into his career.

Now imagine the effect an unhappy boss or an unsatisfactory assignment will have on him…it would be a complete disaster. 

Why? Because it’s his world, his life.

Any success or feeling of accomplishment comes directly from his work and only from his work, nothing else.

You can argue that he finds a sense of accomplishment from his wealth and family, but his work has been his family since day 1. 

Nothing can quite have that same impact.




The most important thing we nurture throughout our journey, is our mindset.

We’ve all heard that failure is good because it disciplines and teaches us.

But failure can either be a learning experience or similarly to our friend above, quite the opposite, something disastrous. 

Howe we react to these events is what determines whether we learn or not.

Luckily for us, we can control just how upsetting or frustrating a certain event can be by having something to fall back upon.

A promising hobby, other interests, extra-curricular activities (for any students).

Or how about a part of our life we all have in common?




I truly believe health can and should be everyone’s fallback plan.

Apart from the benefits that a clean diet and exercise has on our mental health, there’s something so up-lifting about loving your body.  

Exercise in itself teaches us discipline but imagine walking up to a mirror after failing a test and just looking at yourself and the success you’ve already achieved.

Or rather, imagine the opposite. 

Imagine failing a test or upsetting your boss and sitting back in your chair to be reminded that you barely fit in it. 

Or your clothes are too tight. Or your stomach’s been hurting all day. 

I’ve been there. Where my frustration and sadness had been compounded and there aren’t too many people who can keep their head up afterwards.

Moments like those can truly make or break us.




I had a talk with a friend this weekend and he mentioned the fear behind exercising. 

Fears that include being unfamiliar with equipment, being self-conscious of your size, both of which can result in embarrassment.

Keeping this in mind, I assured him of the simplicity and effectiveness of the stationary bike for his fitness goals.

Sacrifice 15 or 20 minutes this week just for the bike. Steadily pedal for 1 minute and then super fast for 10 seconds and repeat. This is what we call HIIT training. 

It’s super effective and nothing’s more admirable than someone giving their all.

Be a part of something bigger. Your health. 




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Loving your life is easier when you love your body!

-Boy Meets Bod




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