Healthy Ideas For Binge-Worthy Holidays (Labor Day Edition)

Labor Day is this Monday and while I’m all for binge-fest carnage, most of us have become a little to comfortable with our holidays…

…is what every health/fitness article is going to say in the next few days.

Me? I’m different. I won’t bad mouth your favorite foods or try my absolute best to persuade you otherwise.

The purpose of today’s article is simply to infect you with healthy alternatives for your favorite foods so that when Monday does come, you’ll have more options. 

That doesn’t sound that bad, right? 




An all-american food, you’ll definitely see these at your cookout.

But what your cookout will have that the rest don’t, is a light-calorie version.

Introducing, lettuce-wrapped burgers. You’ll get more greens into your system thanks to the lettuce and you keep the toppings, the ketchup, mustard etc.

The only thing is missing is the bulk of the calories, the burger bun. With 150-250 calories missing, you’ll be wondering why you like it more than the original.




Did you know salsa is actually quite healthy for you? It’s rich in Vitamins A and C and on top of that it’s like 10 calories per serving! Eat up!

The unhealthy part of this snack will be the chips. Now, if you have Quinoa chips or Whole Grain chips, you’re set, but chances are you won’t.

So to that I say, who needs the chips? Take your spoon and gobble away at the salsa.

You’ll end up bloated tomorrow morning, but while they ate 8 chips (100 calories), you enjoyed 20 tablespoons of salsa (also 100 calories). 




O boy, I don’t think I’ll make any progress here, but I’ll give it a shot. 

I would never take chicken away from you the same way I’d never take candy from a baby, my proposal is far more innocent.

If you’re looking to cut the calories literally in half, tear the skin off that sucker.

One skinless chicken wing has approximately 50 calories while a regular chicken wing has upwards of 100 calories. 

Once again, the majority of my readers won’t find success in this section but now that you’ve read it, it’ll be in the back of your mind come Monday….


micheile-henderson-0fyS-gk0h4w-unsplash (1)


Corn does well to provide us with the zinc, magnesium, copper, iron etc.

However, since the invention of corn on the cob, it’s picked up more toppings than an animal style pizza from Domino’s.

You can literally put anything on corn these days. 

Knowing this, here’s an idea: half and half. Half of it is just corn and the rest, well, whatever you want. For me that’ll be cheddar, cilantro and some olive oil.

We leave space for carnage, but at the same time, we also hold back.




Technically, condiments aren’t foods. Loophole found. 

This means that I can break my rule to not cross any “foods” off your list and just this once, caution you against barbecue sauce. 

Actually, let’s call it what it actually is: liquid sugar. 

To be honest, most condiments are just that but I’ll only caution you against 1 because if I mention more, you’ll just ignore this part entirely.

Fun Fact – 1 Tablespoon of Barbecue Sauce has 6 grams of sugar. 




If you’re making your own desserts, I take my hat off to you.

Unfortunately, most of us won’t, which means that our desserts will be store bought which also means we don’t have much wiggle room.

However, if it’s a cake or so, you can easily leech off some calories by removing frosting, taking off cookie bits, only eating half, throwing out the rest…just kidding.

Or maybe you can play a game called, “pick a color and only eat that color”. 

Just an idea, remember to be creative!




I hope you have a great Labor Day!

Thanks for all the support!






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