3 Quick Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, you should always aim for efficiency. 

Nothing’s worse than giving your sweat and tears (blood’s an exaggeration) and not getting 100% back in return.

Passion and ambition are admirable, but to make the best of it you need to read, research, ask questions etc. That’s where I come in. 

Channel your work ethic in the best way possible with these 3 workout hacks.



Who Needs Rest Periods?

I think we can both agree that the best rest periods are those spent at home. 

So why prolong a delicious post-workout meal? 

The average gym session is 45-60 minutes and that’s with rest times. Think about the fact that without rest times, we can cut our workouts literally in half. 

Now, I’m not saying no rest time because quite honestly that might be impossible.

But substituting all but 1 of your rest periods with push-ups or squats will not only keep your heart rate higher for longer but also, work more of your body.

The longer your heart rate is elevated, the more calories you’ll lose. 

And, you’ll still have 1 rest period left to put in whenever you like. Push yourself!



The Type Of Warm-Up Doesn’t Matter

So many people skip warm-ups that the title above doesn’t even need to be accurate.

For professional athletes or bodybuilders, warming up your legs for leg day is definitely better than starting off leg day with push-ups.

However, if you find yourself skipping warm-ups, any will do. 


Doing arms? Warm up on the treadmill. Doing legs? Warm up with pull-ups.

The objective here is to get blood flowing, get your heart rate up and start the workout nimble and loose for maximum efficiency. 

This’ll prevent injury and even burn a couple calories pre-workout.

NOTE – Warm-ups can be workouts of your own. Ever tried arm day after warming up with pull-ups?


sven-mieke-Lx_GDv7VA9M-unsplash (1)

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

One of the biggest training mistakes we all make is using momentum. 

In doing so, we use less of our muscles AND lose the pump we all love.

To avoid using momentum, just slow down the movement as much as possible. Turn a 2 second bicep curl into 10 seconds of upstroke and 4 seconds back down.

M. Doug McGuff, a SuperSlow studio owner claims that he can “guarantee a 30% strength increase in just 6-8 weeks.”

Keep in mind, he’s working with clients who are completely untrained and have never worked out. Not to mention, he’s only training them 1-2 times a week! 

For best results, I’d recommend both slow-training and regular movements.

The more diverse your training is, the faster you’ll see change!



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