The Workout Jar – How To Make Working Out A Less Hard Decision

One of my biggest motivators that still remains strong today is randomization. 

There’s just something so mysterious about randomness, like there’s someone out there rooting for you and there’s a purpose behind the cards you’re dealt.

I don’t believe in fate, but I can’t deny how effective this method has been for me.

Get some paper and a jar ready because a big change is coming this week.



The “Jar Concept”

I’m sure you’ve heard the “jar concept” before, but here’s a quick run through. 

Basically, you fill a jar with activities you’re struggling with. For example, if you’re struggling with your responsibilities, write them down and put them in the jar.

NOTE – Always include an empty slip that gives you a day off. This makes it fair and allows you to look forward to it.

Then, grab one at random and that’s your responsibility for the day.

No one’s pressuring you, coach isn’t shouting down your back and you’re making good progress. It’s honestly a deal breaker.

TIP – Keep your responsibilities reasonable. Instead of writing, “build a house” stick to “finish math homework” or what not.


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The Workout Jar

As you might’ve guessed, the workout jar is filled with different types of exercises and your expertise determines the difficulty and nature of these exercises.

NOTE – Design the jar based on your interests. If you prefer yoga over exercising, go for it! Or simple stretches!

For example, if you’re someone who never works out, be realistic and stick to basic movements such as push-ups, air squats, lunges etc.

This way, when they pull a slip from the jar, the probability of making an excuse is as close to zero as possible. That’s the goal! 

In contrary, an experienced lifter will include dead lifts or pull-ups but will also design it based on training. For example, bodybuilding or calisthenics.

For the less experienced lifters, I’d recommend also writing the amount of repetitions you’ll do for each exercise on the slip.

This’ll remove a potential second step of asking for help or advice from others.

Or you can make a second “random number” jar for the repetitions! 



Can This Method Work? 

This method will always have potential and here’s why.

I’m fully aware that most readers will make the jar and slips but never dip their hand in the jar for as long as it stays on their shelf.

That’s fine.

I’m here to give you options but more importantly, I’m rooting for you.

Ever notice how much easier it is to eat healthy when your food is cooked for you?

Or how much easier it is to workout with a partner?

Life gets easier when you’ve got help but until you can afford a personal trainer or until YouTube videos actually motivate you, the workout jar is an option.

Instead of researching a workout plan, you now can just open a lid!




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“The Workout Jar – How To Design A Workout From Your Choices”

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