What Are “Refeed Days” And Are They Necessary?

Honestly speaking, reefed days are one of the reasons I decided to start dieting.

The knowledge that ever so often I can ditch the restriction to my calories and eat until the sun came up really made the idea of dieting less intimidating.

Little did I know, everything I heard about them was wrong. 

Avoid the mistakes I made and finish your diet sooner with today’s 5 minute article.


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What Are These Heavenly Refeed Days?

Let’s keep things simple and to the point. 

I really don’t want to discourage you especially considering you’re most likely also  dieting for the same reason.

Refeed Days are days in which the dieter increases his/her calories (usually in the form of carbs) up to the level of maintenance. 

For example, if it takes 2,000 calories to keep you looking that good, 2,000 calories is what you’ll consume during your refeed.

The belief is that those extra calories from carbohydrates might increase your leptin levels (the hormone responsible for hunger) and thus, speed up your metabolism.

Keep in mind, dieting over a long period of time can slow it down. 



It Makes Sense In Theory, But It Is Necessary?

Unfortunately, there really is no evidence that backs the use of refeed days.

Although it is true that our bodies are amazingly adaptable, the best way around hitting a weight loss plateau is by doing your best to avoid it.

This means not restricting your calories to 1,000 if your maintenance is 2,000.

By lowering your calories by only 500, you ensure steady weight loss and IF a plateau were to hit then you have plenty of room to lower them further.

NOTE – A stagnant scale is usually the biggest indicator so keep one handy.

Lowering calories by a reasonable amount also prevents failure. 

After all, one of the biggest reasons people fail their diets is because they attempt a 400 calorie diet that they spent 3 minutes reading online.

Takeaway from this? Eat more food. 



Refeed Days May Not Be Completely Useless

If I haven’t scared you off yet and you’re still here, there is a bright side.

Unlike cheat days, refeed days aren’t food marathons. They aren’t an endless carnage and you aren’t spending $300 on junk food.

Refeed days are controlled and your calories still restricted so you can’t gain weight. 

This means that if you’re struggling with your diet and on the verge of giving up, by all means take a day off!

Better to sacrifice one day of weight loss than to stop dieting entirely.

Treat yourself, get rid of the negative thoughts and continue strong tomorrow. 

No harm, no foul. 




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