How To Design Your Own Workout In 5 Minutes (Full-Body Edition)

What pops into everyone’s head when they hear the word “workout”?

“How do I finish as fast as possible so that I get home sooner?”

Finding 4 exercises online and doing them back to back isn’t hard, but designing the workout to be intense AND 20 minutes long, takes experience.

Take 5 minutes and learn what I learned in 3 years of training. 



Teaching You Through Example

Let’s say you used last week’s, “Workout Jar” method and picked these 5 exercises:

  1. Air Squats
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Push-Ups
  4. Lunges
  5. Sit-Ups

Relatively simple exercises, nothing to it.

Do them in that order, take 1 minute rest periods and you’ll be done in around…40 minutes? NO, not good enough. 

In order to design quick and intense workouts, you need to know a few words.

Time to brush up on your vocabulary. 



A Few Words 

First and foremost, the secret to my success. Supersets. 

Superset – Any two exercises done back to back without rest. For example, 10 sit-ups followed immediately by 10 push-ups. No rest.

You’re only resting in between the supersets, not between the individual sets.

While we’re on this topic, it’s important for me to also mention that the only limit to how many exercises you can do back to back is your own endurance.

Hell, you could do all 5 back to back if you want. It’ll be hard, but you can. 

Lastly, two words I fear more than any others. Drop Sets. 

Drop Sets Following any exercise, immediately drop the weight by half and continue that exercise until you literally can’t do anymore.

I’ll see your planks and I’ll raise you, drop sets. 



Your Favorite 20-Minute Workout

Now that the boring stuff’s over, let’s design the fastest workout ever.

Here’s an example workout with the 5 exercises mentioned above:

  1. Superset: Sit-Ups and Mountain Climbers.
    • 10 Sit-Ups followed by 20 repetitions of Mountain Climbers
    • Repeat this Superset 3 times. 30 seconds of resting.
  2. Superset: Air Squats and Lunges
    • 10 Air Squats followed by 15 Lunges
    • Repeat this Superset 3 times. 45 seconds of resting.
  3. Drop Set: Push-Ups
    • As many push-ups as you can to end the workout.

That’s it! You’re done in 20 minutes!

This is just one of the example workouts you can design with these 5 exercises.

Like I said, you can even get home in 15 minutes if you perform all 5 one after another. The exercises are completely your choice and you decide the intensity. 

What’s better than that? 


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