How To Burn More Calories In The Gym And Get Home Sooner

Now that we know how to design our own workouts, let’s take it up a notch.

After all, working out at home is one thing, but stepping into a humid gym after work where 100 people are waiting in line for equipment is another.

After today, you’ll not only know how to burn more calories in the gym, but also how to make best of what you have, a valuable lesson. 

Be one step ahead of the other 100 with today’s 5 minute article.




Getting fired up is not only attractive but contagious, especially in the gym.

Ever seen one of those “hard-core” athletes with their gym-face and their NIKE gear all revved up? Wasn’t it motivating? 

They’re plugged in ready to go and now it’s your turn. 

Start the workout with a quick 5 minute dynamic exercise such as running or keep it simple and do some wholesome stretches.

This’ll warm your body up and make it easier to keep your heart-rate elevated throughout the entire workout. Also, warming up is a great time to wrap up your social media browsing before the workout begins.

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Remember the golden rule: higher heart-rate, more calories burned. 




I touched upon these in Monday’s article, but here’s the idea.

Supersetting is combining any two exercises together and doing them back to back without rest. For example, 10 push-ups followed immediately by 10 squats.

This’ll keep your heart working overtime as opposed to resting after a normal set.

Also, the reason these work so well not just in a “calories burned” sense is because they keep your pump roaring with fire. Who doesn’t love a great pump?

Another amazing feature is that in can be any two exercises.

Finding available equipment in the gym during peak hours is a nightmare, but with supersets you can pick one exercise with equipment (let’s say bench-press) and then transition into an exercise without (push-ups).

You’re keeping the pump and the heart rate. It’s a deal-breaker.




The average workout time is 40 minutes because we spend 20 minutes resting.

20 minutes! Think about that. 

Half of our workout is spent changing songs, chatting or drinking water and meanwhile our heart rate is gradually slowing down.

The slower your heart rate, the less calories you burn. 

This might be hard to wrap your head around because you’re not burning calories by resting but think about the next set.

You’re starting it with a slower heart rate which means that only half-way through the set will you actually reach peak heart-rate zone and burn maximum calories.

The fix? Lower your rest times or stay a little active.

One thing that works for me is pacing back and forth. Obviously it won’t keep my heart rate as high as possible but it’ll slow its descent.




It really rustles my jimmies when I see people waiting in the gym.

I once counted how long someone waited for me to finish with the squat rack and I’m ashamed to say he waited 15 minutes.

15?? I mean come on! 

Improvise. Be smart. Warm-up or find another piece of equipment. The sooner you stop waiting, the sooner you get home. 

I understand it was leg day but that’s no excuse. Do lunges or air squats.

He lost whatever pump he had prior to waiting and his heart-rate was well past resting and on its way to Florida for vacation.

Gym or not, it’s overall good practice to make best with what you have because there’s always someone who has less.

There’s always someone who has just weights while you have a squat rack. 



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