How To Make Your Cardio Less Boring And More Effective

Cardio’s just like anything else. If you don’t like it, you won’t do it.

But what’s also important is how much time you spend on your cardio.

Regardless of how much you love walking, knowing that you can lose the same 200 calories 40 minutes sooner while running is a bummer. That’s 40 minutes of relaxing!

Below is how to love your cardio while also being smart with it.




Walking outside or in the gym isn’t a limitation, it’s an opportunity.

I’ve been there; walking for an hour on the treadmill in the gym or the great outdoors simply because who doesn’t love walking? But why stop there?

I understand the majority of us hate running, but will you really notice 1 minute of running after drowning it out by 15 minutes of walking?

NOTE – 1 minute of running won’t burn a lot of calories but the idea here is to learn to love new methods for cardio. The more options we have, the better.

In an hour of walking, that’s 4 minutes of running total. Trust me, you won’t notice. 

AND if you really don’t want to include it, then don’t!

Take a detour and climb a hill for the next 5 minutes or find a building you really like and take its stairs (the gym equivalent for incline).

There’s no wrong answer, just don’t walk the same path. 

The benefits of making it an “obstacle course” is that you burn more calories and each session is different. Diversity promotes consistency!




Now that we’ve changed up the playing field, what about your play-style?

Aside from listening to music and taking a sip of water, we’re not doing anything else and sometimes walking forever can get a bit boring.

Most of us have experienced boredom at one point so instead, let’s be smart!

Why plan out a painful leg day, when we can just upgrade our current leg workout?

We’re here already aren’t we? We’re already warmed up too!

A couple lunges here, toe touches and air squats there and leg day’s almost done!

Looking back, one of the lessons I’m most thankful for learning is being smart with my training. The truth is that it’s not easy and it does require teaching your conscience whose boss.

With that in mind, we have to be creative. If not, it’ll get impossible very quickly.




Lastly, I’ve decided to combine both tips and find the “perfect cardio session”.

Researchers from Colorado State University had 5 volunteers participate in a cardio study and their findings showed that after just 2.5 minutes of intense maximum effort pedaling on a stationary bike, they burned 200 calories.

In case you missed that last bit: 200 calories in 2.5 minutes!

Now, obviously none of us can apply maximum effort for 2.5 minutes straight and that’s why these volunteers took 4 minutes of rest in between.

During those 4 minutes, they pedaled with very low resistance and intensity. In other words, they pedaled at a speed your grandma can maintain.

Overall, the entire cardio session took 22.5 minutes and afterwards, they were done!

This just goes to show how effective your cardio can be while ALSO still keeping the difficulty and time at a reasonable level.

Now that’s what I call a workout hack!




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