Intermittent Fasting Basics With An Overeating Twist

I published an article in the past that questioned if we overeat simply for the food or for the knowledge that we can eat as much of it as we want.

Of course we need to LIKE the food to overeat, but we don’t need to LOVE it. 

We just need to eat it all!

And when you’ve been fasting for the last 16 hours, those healthy foods you’re not too fond of start looking really good…

Today, you and I will learn to use this to our advantage.




I’m a huge fan of fasting because of how successful and effective it is for your body.

Although I don’t always meet my personal goal of water-fasting once a week, I do highly recommend it for anyone looking for some great health benefits.

Intermittent fasting in a nutshell is on-and-off fasting. The most popular is the 16/8 method in which you fast for 16 hours and eat during the last 8.

Although there are many types of intermittent fasting, all can be effective and its success is dependent on how consistent you are.

Potential benefits include weight loss and metabolic health improvement.

It’s easy and it’s not exercising. Try it out!


eating-person-pizza-1741749 (1)


As a writer hoping to make an impact, my job is to reel you into a healthy routine by speaking in a language that you understand.

Long week. Friday nights. TV. A pint of Ben&Jerry’s. Chips. Cookies…

Sound familiar? 

My proposal is simple:

“Eat what you want and however much you want,

just stay within the eating/fasting times.”

Although I’ll always be a strong advocate for a healthy balanced diet, those two words are responsible for more readers giving up than dieting itself.

Instead of telling you what you already know, I give you this proposal. 

However, I will take solace in knowing that since you’re reading this, you already have a semi-healthy lifestyle and so a proposal like the one above, will just be beneficial.

If you are looking for a helping hand or a little nudge, this is just that.




This is all coming from a discovery I made while on my current diet.

I have long believed that refeed days were necessary and that your body absolutely NEEDED them but that just isn’t the case.

Refeed days are great for anyone struggling mentally with the diet. Not physically.

After spacing most of my calories into one meal, I found that it was satisfactory enough for my mental to eat as much as I wanted in one sitting.

I was still within my calorie limit but even so, eating a quick 500 calorie breakfast then looking forward to a 1,500 calorie dinner is a great feeling.

At that point it wasn’t even about the food I was eating. Taste was never an issue regardless because I designed the meals myself.

The idea was I could eat to my heart’s consent and that’s unheard of while dieting.



Obviously cleaner food is better, but I want to give you options, not convert you.

The idea is simply to eat however you like but within the allotted window. This way, you turn something boring into something you look forward to and enjoy.

Isn’t that ultimately what you’re looking for when you read my articles?

A reason to love a lifestyle you’d otherwise hate?

Just time your eating, that’s it!





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