How To Get An Amazing Workout Done With Just 1 Exercise (Subscriber Special)

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No typo. No mistake. You read it correctly: 1 exercise.

This is a big deal considering the norm is to include at least 4 to hit the muscles from different angles and “shock the muscle”.

While this is true, so many people forget to focus on their workout anyway that at the end of the day, they only really do 1 exercise intensely.

So, since that’s already the case, why not make the best of it?




Just as you thought, there isn’t 1 magical exercise, it’s whatever you want it to be.

The magic behind this method comes from performing the exercise 100 times.

Take me for example. Today was leg day and in honor of my article, I decided to get a brutal workout in from just squats.

It looked something like this (around 110 reps):

  • 20 warmup repetitions with 135 pounds.
  • 7 working sets pyramid style (around 50 reps) peaking with 265 pounds.
  • 4 sets (40 repetitions) with the same 135 pounds I started with.

I can’t even explain how my legs felt but with what I learned, it was worth it.

1 exercise, in perfect form, is more than satisfactory to knock you off your feet and guarantee you the growth you’re looking for.

Intensity is and will always be the name of the game.




Here’s a scenario:

Jack, a professional athlete, can have a better workout with just 1 exercise than Larry, your average Joe, can have with 5 exercises.

Why is this the case?

Now, obviously experience and muscle-memory plays a big role so for the sake of this argument, we’re taking those two off the table.

The reason this is possible is because of one word: focus.

If you can look into the soul of whatever muscle you’re training, and I’m talking a stone-cold stare down, you can turn your workouts into something different entirely.

Music on full-blast, everyone else in the gym shut out, just you and the muscle.

That concentration is what Jack, the professional athlete, is capable of. 




Whatever your profession or hobby, a connection is needed.

An art competition for example, will most likely give 1st prize to the artist who paid most attention to the tiniest details.

The same way a swimming race will give gold to the athlete who can focus on their breathing better and thus, use their oxygen more efficiently.

For us athletes, this focus is called the mind-muscle connection.

If we can completely understand what’s happening in that muscle, see what every rep is doing, study every contraction and expansion…

then not only will our workouts evolve into greatness, but so will we.

And all you’re doing at the end of the day is just focusing.

Well, and getting home sooner.




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