How To Design Your Own Workout For Muscle Growth In 5 Minutes

Full-body workouts can be a great means to an end…but what end?

Other than improve your fitness and conditioning, they’ll do very little to reshape and remold your body into Superman.

If you’re looking to gain muscle, you’re essentially looking to make a piece of art.

Today’s article is for you artists and craftsmen.




When it comes to muscle gain, you should only be thinking of 1 thing:

*pound, smack, flip, squish, squeeze*

You’re the butcher and the muscle’s your meat.

Grab your tools and pound those muscles from the front, back, sides, everywhere. Show your muscles, just like you show your friends, how bad you want it.

Unless of course, you don’t want it bad. Working hard will help you decide.

The more you pound, the “tender” they become and the better the outcome.

This is different from a full-body workout because it doesn’t spread the pounding all over your body and instead targets one muscle group.

That muscle group goes through hell and as a result grows to be bigger and stronger.

That is called muscular hypertrophy.




Because I believe everyone should use a workout jar, I’ll use it in my example.

Let’s say you took a slip out and decided today was chest day…now what?

You could go online and look for a routine, which will give you all the information you need, but will require extra time and motivation.

Both of which aren’t easily accessible. 

OR you can make a new jar.

4 major muscle groups: arms, legs, back and chest. 4 new workout jars.

In each jar, you’ll put 20 or so exercises on paper slips so that when the time comes, you don’t have to surf the web, you just have to surf through slips.

NOTE – 5 exercise slips chosen at random from a jar of 20 means there are 15,504 different workouts possible in that 1 jar alone. You have 4 of them.




Now, it’s time to design your own workout.

On the 5 slips, let’s say you have the following exercises:

  1. Push-Ups
  2. Bench Press
  3. Single Arm Dumbbell Press
  4. Dips
  5. Cable Flys

In addition, we have the tools from my previous article:

Supersets – Any two exercises done back to back without rest. For example, 10 sit-ups followed immediately by 10 push-ups. No rest.

Drop Sets – Following any exercise, immediately drop the weight by half and continue that exercise until you literally can’t do anymore.

Just like a butcher, we need to be prepared.




Following is what I’d do with those 5 exercises to ensure I burn the most calories, speed up my workout and get home sooner.

Remember, this is just 1 of the 15,504 possible workouts in that jar:

  1. Quick warm-up: 20 push-ups
  2. Working Set: Bench Press
    • Work your way up to max weight and finish with a drop set.
  3. Superset: Push-Ups and Dips
    • 10 push-ups followed by 10 dips
  4. Superset: Single Arm Dumbbell Press and Cable Flys
    • 10 repetitions each arm followed by 15 flys

This entire process, from picking a muscle to designing the workout, takes 5 minutes.

No research, no watching YouTube videos, no personal trainers or coaching.

Just you, an empty jar and some pieces of paper.

Let’s get to it!



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