How To Make Your Weekends Healthier And More Productive

Last weekend, I did something I never thought possible.

Unlike my regular weekends, set aside for just relaxation, last Sunday was a step towards productivity and progress.

The reason I didn’t think it was possible is because my weeks are full of sacrifice and hard-work, same as yours. As a result, the weekends are for me. For us.

But I quickly realized that they can be for me AND be productive too.



My Experience Last Sunday

Unfortunately, most of us know how our weekends will turn out and I’m no different.

Especially now that my week is full of dieting, weekends are a time to catch up on sleep and satisfy any cravings (while still counting calories).

Dieting is a sacrifice and whilst that is admirable, it’s far more impressive and infinitely more beneficial to put off your indulgence for as long as possible.

This builds character and improves your self-discipline.

As someone with a clear goal in mind, I knew this.

Sunday as I lay in bed, I got fed up. I hated how fast the weekends flew by but I hated it more because it was my own fault.

And so, I got up and slowed my roll into Monday by going for a walk.

No changing into gym clothes, no protein shake beforehand, I walked outside with what I had and looking back, I couldn’t be more happy about my decision.



Why Our Weekends Are Never Productive

In order to start being productive, you need to know why you aren’t.

The reason your weekends or even your days off or holidays aren’t productive is because they’re SO DIFFERENT than your work days.

Think about it.

Is there any similarity between your schedule for the weekends and weekdays besides sleeping, eating or…breathing?

If anything, the two are opposites of one another.

We make sacrifices all week long with our diets and training and then when the weekend comes, we indulge in cravings and barely move.

It’s like taking 1 step forward and then 1 step back.

But what if we could indulge and keep sacrificing? Is it possible?



The Small Fix You Need To Make

Due to this huge difference, the answer is simple.

Make your weekdays and weekends more similar

Design a routine or have a ritual that you follow everyday. Every. Single. Day.

Nothing crazy, no 3-hour workout or 6-hour meal-prep, something small and doable.

This way, when the weekend comes, we’re not dreading the arrival of Monday like we used to dread the end of summer in middle school.

With a routine we follow even on the weekends, we can ensure that although we are still in weekend mode, we’re not too far away from planet Earth.

And because putting some work in slows the clock down unlike having fun, we’re staying conscious of the time and thus, our weekends will feel longer.

No longer will they end just like that *snaps finger*

Now, to find your own routine. 



Potential Routines For You

Thanks to last Sunday, my weekend routine is now a casual walk.

Cardio is the common denominator connecting my weekdays and weekends and it kept me productive and open-minded last Sunday.

To give you an idea, following the walk, I discovered a healthy and delicious chain of restaurants as well as a favorite that a stranger recommended.

2 hours of walking gave me a healthy food option that I’ll use for years to come.

Who knows what next week’s walk will give me. That’s the beauty of it!

It might also be cardio for you, but if it isn’t here are some ideas:

  • A healthy breakfast you can’t live without.
  • A morning workout routine. A couple of sit-ups, push-ups etc.
  • A water jug that you aim to finish everyday.
  • A daily caloric goal for any hard-working dieters reading this.
  • A fruit/vegetable smoothie that changes your day.

Whatever it is, you need to love it and you need to do it consistently.

If not, there’s no chance you’ll get up and do it on a Sunday.

Trust me.



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