3 More Tips That’ll Make The Word “Diet” A Little Less Intimidating

Things are definitely getting harder as I near the end of my diet.

It’s no longer count calories this and do cardio that. Instead, it’s “am I still losing weight?” this or “can I fit in some more cardio” that.

For that reason, I’ve decided to add to the article I posted around 2 months ago and give you 3 more tips that’ll accommodate the harder times that are coming.

Bear with me, I’m in diet mode and feeling sluggish. 



Leave Fasting At The Door

Please, please, please, do not fast during your diet.

This is hard to say, especially for someone like me who holds fasting in such high regard but if you’re struggling with your current diet and throwing in the towel is on your mind, it’s simply not worth the risk. 

Dieting is a delicate balance between pushing your mind and body to great lengths and giving up at any moment.

Don’t give yourself more reason to quit, especially not over fasted cardio, for example.  Regular cardio is more than enough to give you the results you want and is much less demoralizing.

It’s an unnecessary obstacle that you don’t need.

Keep your diet simple. 



Take Days Off

I was scared to take my first day off, until I stepped on the scale.

2 weeks ago, I allowed myself to give in to my cravings and enjoy some delicious Talenti ice-cream with 2 slices of pizza.

The next morning, to my surprise, I found that I didn’t gain any weight!

At the time I was confused, but now it makes perfect sense:

If your body requires 2,000 calories to look the same way forever (also known as your maintenance calories), then eating 2,000 calories will…*drum roll*

…make you look the same way forever!

You’re not going to randomly stop losing weight or surrender any superpowers you’ve acquired over the past couple of months.

Take days off, eat at your maintenance and give yourself a break. 

You deserve it!



Stop Taking Public Transportation

As you get leaner, you’ll start hating cardio less because it’ll get easier.

However, what cardio will lose in difficulty, it will gain back in volume. Don’t forget that as you get leaner, you’ll need to do MORE cardio.

This is because it’s much harder to lose weight, the lighter you are and it’s for this reason I highly recommend changing up your commute to work and leaving room for extra cardio.

Now I’m not suggesting walking 10 miles to work everyday, but ditching public transportation will benefit you in the long run because it’ll help you lose weight faster.

The small act of substituting a 1 mile bus ride with a walk or jogging from client to client (if you’re working mobile) will have a big impact on your weight loss.

Also, more time outdoors is less time in the gym, which is always a plus.

Unless of course you like spending time in smelly gyms…




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