3 Ways To Burn More Calories Without Doing More Work

I must admit, today’s article is a deal breaker.

All 3 methods mentioned below do not require a bigger energy or time investment and simply just modify how you currently perform your daily activities.

These minor adjustments, if practiced consistently, will burn you more calories.

Take solace in knowing that your relaxing weekends will go untouched.



Modifying The Way You Eat

Burning more calories without doing more is code for: boosted metabolism.

The faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn at rest. There, I said it.

The problem is, most methods DO require a bigger time investment than you’d normally like. For example: sleeping more, lifting more, eating more protein etc.

These all work, but let’s be honest, they’re not realistic enough.

And so, I give you coconut oil.

No change in your schedule, no time investment needed, simply substitute it for any other cooking oils you use and you’re all set.

And because you’re just here for burning more calories, I won’t mention the benefits it gives for your skin and cholesterol. See what I did there?

You have to eat eventually, right?

Well, now you can eat and boost your metabolism.



Modifying The Way You Shower

I have to be honest, this next one gets me…but, it requires no extra work.

Because we all take showers (I hope), lowering the temperature to just under 70 degrees can have a huge impact not just on our metabolism.

“Taking a cold shower 2-3 times a week for just 5 minutes has been shown to decrease depression, increase circulation and boost energy levels,” according to Healthline.

But since you’re here just to burn more calories, here are the facts:

“Cold showers activate brown fat, which generates heat around the body,” explains Darwin Malicdem, in his article for Microsoft News.

“The increased activity of the ‘good fat’ burns calories to keep the body warm and research shows that cold temperatures can boost brown fat by 15 times higher than the normal amount,” continues Darwin.

Keep in mind, we’re not talking about an ice bath or the ALS bucket challenge.

It’s 5 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Come on, that’s easy. 



Modifying How You Do Your Cardio

Up next on our list is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

If you’re still incorporating this training even after hearing it reduces heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar a million times, fear not because there’s more.

According to Healthline, one study showed that after just 2 minutes of HIIT in the form of sprints, metabolism was increased for the next 24 hours.

Twenty. Four. Hours.

This means that for a whole day following just 2 minutes of training, you will be burning more calories than normal while watching Netflix.

I’m not lacking motivation or anything, but that to me is a no-brainer.

To add even more perspective, you’d need to run for 30 minutes to get that same effect.

And if sprinting or running isn’t your cup of tea, here’s an article that mentions two easier alternatives that’ll also do the trick.

Written by yours truly of course.


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