My Favorite Daily Snack And 3 Reasons Why It Works

First, what do I mean by “why it works”?

Or rather, let’s flip the question over. Why isn’t the salmon with quinoa, carrots, kale and almonds you made last week, working?

Why aren’t you consistently eating and cooking it?

Today we’ll answer those questions with these 3 reasons:



My All Time Favorite Snack

I won’t lie, I would rather have a whole box of mini cheese crackers.

If they were both in front of me, I couldn’t tell you the outcome with confidence.

But if we’re excluding cheat days and talking strict dieting, this snack will always win.

So here it is: Plain Greek Yogurt, Organic Granola, Organic Blackberries

Crush the berries and granola, mix it up with the yogurt and I promise you that once you get over the sour taste of plain yogurt, you’ll love it too.

Now, onto the 3 reasons you’re here for.



Second To Most Important Reason

Not the finale, but definitely up there. Taste.

This’ll be puzzling for many of my readers that have come to know me as a function-eater rather than a taste-eater but it’s extremely important.

I will eat whatever my body needs, but 9 times out of 10, I wouldn’t eat it daily.

One of the biggest contributing factors to why I eat this snack daily is the taste and that was initially my goal when I started throwing ingredients together.

Keep in mind, my body isn’t my job…yet, so eating for function isn’t a piece of cake.

It’s easier for me than you, for sure. But when I make my meals, my number 1 focus regardless if it’s not today’s most important reason, is taste.

And it should be for you too. 



The Most Obvious Reason

Obviously, it needs to be a healthy snack.

Once you’re on track and motivated, I don’t even have to explain to you how disgustingly dangerous 1 tiny unhealthy snack can be.

A cookie will turn into a box of cookies which’ll turn into a week of binging.

Avoid that 1 cookies at all costs. And not just cookies, you know what I mean.

While I’m all for flexible dieting, I also know that it won’t affect my journey personally and since you’re most likely still taking baby steps, it will make it very hard.

By finding delicious AND healthy snacks, you’re reaping one of their unexplained benefits: they’re not as binge-worthy as you think.

Healthy food just isn’t, it’s weird.



Save The Best For Last

While that salmon might’ve been healthy and/or delicious, it’s missing something.

It’s not easy to make!

When you’re spending 2 hours commuting to an 8 hour job, meal prep time can and most likely will be the difference between stepping in the gym and skipping it.

After all, what’s the point of working out if I won’t gain anything from it? 

You most likely have said this and used it as an excuse before.

By designing meals that are easy to make:

  1. Granola, Yogurt, Blackberries
  2. Oatmeal, Berries, Protein Powder, Peanut Butter
  3. Sliced Up Boiled Eggs, Toast, Avocado Cups
  4. Smoothies: Vegetable and Fruit

You remove the most valuable resource (time) from the equation and begin asking yourself, “what’s stopping me?” instead of, “do I have time?”

Changing these two questions will mark a big change in your life. 



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