The 10 Second Mentality Change That’ll Make Dieting A Lot Easier

I stumbled upon this idea whilst talking to a friend struggling with weight loss.

It occurred to me how dramatic beginner dieters can be and what I mean is that, for them, it’s an all or nothing effort.

Either they hit their goals perfectly, or they quit.

This is as true for me in other areas in my life as it is for anyone struggling to lose weight, so if you’re having trouble, this article’s for you.



The Calorie Calculator

I’ve gone over this extensively in other articles, but here’s a recap.

(If you know how to count calories already, feel free to read on.)

Losing/gaining weight is a game of calories. Everything you eat and everything you burn plays a role and thus, you need to count it.

To figure out exactly how many calories you need to eat daily in order to lose weight, use this calorie calculator before you read any further.

I like this particular calculator a lot because it explains everything nicely and gives you a plan but you can use whichever you like.

————————VERY IMPORTANT————————

You’ll get 2 numbers: maintenance and mild weight loss. RECORD BOTH.



The Wrong Mentality

After talking with this friend, I realized that his mentality is very common.

His maintenance is 2,000 calories (meaning he needs to consume 2,000 calories daily to stay at his current weight) and for mild weight loss, he needs to consume 1,500.

The site gave him a plan and he was all set…well, almost.

After all, you can’t set a goal without going in with the right mentality, right?

Because he hasn’t been successful before, we both agreed something needed changing and based on his prior experiences and weight loss failures, he genuinely thought that this change was for the best:

Come Monday, he won’t write down 1,500 as his daily caloric goal.

He won’t even be a madman and go down to 1,000 calories.

His daily caloric goal will be 1,999 calories.



The Right Mentality

Most important than numbers while dieting, is fact.

It is a fact that if you above your mild weight loss goal and consume a McDonald’s cheeseburger (313 calories), you’ll still lose weight.

It is a fact that if you pass the 1,500 calorie mark by snacking on 2 PayDays (480 calories), you’ll still lose weight.

If is a fact that if you…do you get my point?

Stop obsessing over hitting whatever cut-off YOU set for yourself.

As long as you’re eating below your maintenance, even if it’s by a couple calories, you’re still technically losing weight!

It’ll be very minimal weight loss of course, but that’s just today. Fix it tomorrow!

Stop giving up over a PayDay and a cheeseburger!



Something Else To Think About

Let’s say you did cross the maintenance threshold.

Let’s say your maintenance is 2,000 calories and instead of 2 candy bars, you enjoyed 3. So now you’re over by 220 calories for the day.

Well, this completely changes everything as you can see. *sarcasm*

Quick Math – 1,500 + (240*3) = 2,220. 2,220 – 220 = 2,000. 220/3,500 = 0.06.

Tomorrow you’ll be a monumental 0.06 pounds heavier.

Now ask yourself if those 0.06 pounds are really going to make you put your life on hold another year and stop you from changing your life.

Think long and hard about that.



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