How I Got Over My Junk Food Addiction~

We’re all addicts.

Food, drugs, entertainment, sex, alcohol ~ some more addicting than others. Some of us addicts to more than one, some of us unsure or in denial.

I’ll spare you the story of how my addiction evolved and instead synthesize it in a way that may help you get over your addiction, whatever that may be.

NOTE – I’m not claiming this’ll solve your problems. I’m merely trying to understand my success in order to help you reach yours.

Step 1 – Is your addiction interfering with your goals?

Was junk food interfering with my goals?

For the longest time I had no idea. I hadn’t done my research, I was ignorant, uneducated, blind if you will. I hadn’t done my homework, I hadn’t connected any dots nor done any of the detective work that I think all our lives require.

However, I knew my goals.

I knew that someday, I wanted to be someone. Someone important. Like an actor.

(Not specifically an actor, just someone with good looks, with a following, with fans, just not a nobody).

But how could eating junk food possibly affect this goal? I wasn’t comparing apples and oranges at that point, those two are similar in size. At that point, I was comparing peanuts and watermelons. A comparison like that would give me zero results and so, I had to break apart my ultimate goal, into tiny, mini-goals.

What is it about an actor that junk food can possibly negatively impact?

Smarts? Eh, I could make an argument for that. Brain food is a thing and let’s face it, eating an omelette for breakfast before a big test is probably a better option than Doritos, but for the sake of argument, let’s skip this one.

A following? Nah, you can get millions of followers without even showing your face or body. No need.

Fans? Similar to following, but still no reason to avoid junk food.

Good looks? Aha, there it is.

Time to be completely honest with myself. What do I think actors like Ross Lynch, Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, Jake Gyllenhaal eat on the daily? What makes their complexions flawless? Their skin spotless? Their hair glowing, their bodies so toned?

I may not be a nutrition expert, but knew enough to know that a healthy lifestyle, specifically healthy eating, can only be responsible for those things.

And yeah, I know genetics exist. Believe me I know. Genetics do play a role in the formation of acne, but my willpower was strong enough at that point to not blame life for it’s unfairness and rather myself.

So now we’ve come to the root of our problem. Junk food will affect my chances of getting on the big screen and so I just have to ask myself:

“Is the taste of Doritos, Zebra Cakes and Kit-Kats better than the happiness I’ll get when I look into the mirror one day and see a flawless complexion?”

The answer may seem simple, but trust me I’ve struggled so long with this question.

Step 2 – Connecting the dots/Doing your research

I’ve made a discovery, but junk food is so general. Surely there had to be an ingredient to watch out for rather than an entire food group.

And there was.

(The same way there will be an answer for you once you put the time and energy into researching and connecting the dots.)

The answer was oils.

All chocolates, candy bars, chips, crackers, contain some kind of oil. Whether it’s sunflower, safflower, canola, peanut, coconut, avocado oil etc. Oily snacks and foods, can cause you to break out.

(This is proven, for anyone experiencing the same problems.)

After figuring this out and subjecting myself to hundreds of my favorite snacks in the hopes that it wasn’t true, I finally realized that until I removed these foods from my diet, everyday would be another step backwards.

Step 3 – It won’t happen in a couple of days.

You’d think that since I was equipped with the knowledge and research I needed to end my addiction, that I would simply just cut out those foods then and there.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple and it took more time than I had hoped, a couple months actually before I really got fed up and I still remember it to this day.

I woke up feeling sick one night after consuming about a pound of Doritos and Snickers (roughly around the time that COVID-19 arrived in the states) and I remember looking at myself in the mirror with so much disgust and hatred.

I felt nauseous from all that junk, my face was bloated, it was honestly one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. The following morning, I threw everything I hadn’t finished out and haven’t been back since.

Nowadays, special occasions are instead enjoyed with home baked goods or restaurants known for their fresh and healthy ingredients.

No longer do I crave any oily unhealthy junk food and it’s simply because I decided to understand the impact it had on my happiness. Not the positive impact it had on my immediate happiness, but the negative impact it would have on the happiness that would last me my entire life.

And this is what I want for you.


I don’t know what you’re addicted and truth be told, I don’t even know if my experience will help you in the slightest. But I’m hoping at the minimum it’ll give you some hope, if you’re truly struggling.

I wish you an immense amount of strength and as always, thank you for reading.

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